VR and AR – Technologies Those are Changing the Way we Look at the World

These are the latest viewing technologies and they can literally give a an experience like nothing else. Most people think that both AR and VR are the same but there are a lot of differences between them.

VR (Virtual Reality)

  • As its name it gives a virtual(not real) environment with the help of VR goggles and advance viewing programs. This can make u feel a stimulated environment using computer technology.
  • This can show a imaginary fairly tale place or a real place programmed into the technology.
  • we can move around and see every detail of the place we are visiting.
  • A lots of games have been made using this tech and they are gaining a lot of popularity because of its life like experience.

AR(Augmented Reality)

  • This is implemented by adding digital information and details  to enhance our viewing ability to see differently.
  • It is used on smart phones and tablets.
  • Pokemon Go game is a great example of it.
  • It shows us a different reality but using our phone’s camera and technology.
  • Another App called Layer that can show information about the place that we are visiting.


No matter which is better , these technologies are going to rule the gaming world. That’s for sure.

Artificial Intelligence : A Step Closer to the Ultimate Technology

Artificial Intelligence , the ultimate and most advanced technology the human race are planning to make. It has been almost 50 years since the topic had came up and from then everyone had been obsessed with it. A lot of movies , articles has came up during these years and a lot of speculations had been made but no one got the break through.

Artificial Intelligence is a concept of a machine or a program that can have a thinking process like humans. A computer capable of showing human emotions and reacting. New technology has always been invented to make things easier for humans. But this could really be something else.

Speaking about the latest technologies, no matter how advanced it is , there is a limit to what it can do. But with AI there will be no limit.  If it can think on its own then it will no longer required permission from a person to act. The basic functions an AI can have are speech recognition,  ability to learn, problem solving , Planning and Executing just like a normal human being. After that there will be no need to built any higher form of technology because it will learn to evolve into a greater being as per the definition.  If man can successfully able to build an AI , there can be catastrophic results as we can see in every robot uprising movies but the applications will be huge in the fields of robotics, medicine, Science and technology.

Every big company is investing a huge amount of money in their own AI research departments.  Lets see who gets there first.

New Must Have Technologies For Travelers

I bet nobody can find a person who doesn’t love to travel. Everybody loves to discover new places and have that experience that one can’t simply understand watching the same Places in TV or on internet. These are kind of experiences that refreshes our mind and enriches our souls.

Then there are some who made traveling their life purpose . They just simply can’t give it up . Traveling is essential for them just like food or water.  Now Technology is at their footsteps to make their traveling experience from good to awesome.

Here are some new must have techs for those who love to travel:-

1.External Power Bank

2. A multi- Port Charging Hub

3.Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

4.A Car Mount For your Mobile

5.Tree Tent

6.Video Recording Sun glasses

7.GPS Watch

8. Small size battery Powered Drone for better Photography

9.Solar Powered light

10. Optical Camera Lens for Smart Phones


Now travel smarter , safer and better.


New High Tech gadgets and apps to help you get back into Shape.

Obesity is one the major problems among youth in the modern age. Hard Work has changed to smart work due to evolution of Science and Technology.  People are using mind rather than body to do more effective work . As a result our bodies aren’t getting the required amount of physical activity as per our diet. This leads to weight gain which will eventually going be a part of lots of problems in our day to day life.

There is a solution to every problem as we invented a lot of new technology to tackle this problem. We need to appropriate amount of exercise to get rid of this problem but what’s important is that a lot of new techs are invented to get our results in a better more efficient way.

1.New high Tech Gym equipment

we are no longer strangers to gym. Apart from Cardio routines we can also use the other equipment which targets very specific areas of our body. One can lose weight , gain weight, gain muscle as per his/her requirement using these new fancy tools.

2. Fit bits and Smart Watches


This is the latest trend that is going on among the youth. This practically a device to record the parameters of your day to day activity. One can measure the distance , no of steps, calories burn and also the heart rate . It can use GPS as well. This best thing about it is its portability. this is basically a watch doing all the above things. And now the makers are ensuring the popularity of there products by giving it enough upgrades so that they can multi task as well. You can see notifications, caller’s name, alarm clock like functions with the others stuff.


3. Fitness apps

Mobiles apps are one of the most effective method to reach people as almost everyone has access to a smart phone and internet connectivity. There are apps which can track our calorie intake . Some can track our day to day physical activities like Google Fit. And there are a lot of Fitness apps to ensure that we do exercise regularly and in the efficiently.

Some apps:

  • Runtastic Running Distance & Fitness Tracker. …
  • Google Fit- Fitness Tracking. …
  • Healtify Me
  • Nike Training Club- Workouts & Fitness Plans. …
  • Map My Fitness Workout Trainer. …


In a world where looks matter a lot and looking attractive is essential , these new technologies and gadgets sure can help u get a better life .  What’s your excuse of getting fat?

New Technologies those are going to Transform the World in recent Future.


With the world choosing smart work over hard work, we can definitely say that there will constant changes over the type of technology we use in our day to day life. From small offices to big corporate companies, all are choosing faster and better technology for better efficiency.

Here are some new technologies those could have the potential to change the world.

  •  Artificial  Intelligence
  • Block Chain technology
  • Digital Twin Technology
  • Event Driven Applications
  • Progressive Web Applications
  • Cyber Security
  • Low Code Development


All these technologies are showing early signs of better gathering of data , identification of threat as well as better accuracy in problem solving. It’s only a matter of time that these technologies will revolutionize the modern civilization.

New Organic Whatsapp like Indian App Kimbho Launch by Baba Ramdev

Indian are talented among other countries. Why?

When a Baba can launch app like WhatsApp  and run 2000 crore company, why other IIM and IIT Graduates can not.

Whatsapp is already having huge user database in India but as we know people of India are sentimental and can follow BABA if he can built this like Patanjali the top brand in Ayurbedic and organic product all over world.

Yes. He already tried to make it the best with features same as other reputed Social chat application. KIMBHO also have features like chatting, video calling, send image or video and many more.

Is this a new start for Indian Baba RAMDEV to techworld.

Does your data safe on the Internet?

Everyone of you must heard of Facebook’s data sharing scandal which break the internet. Does it really matter to you? if Yes, how do you make sure your DATA remain safe on the large internet databases.

Keep Online Data Safe

What is Meaning of Data for common Internet User?

Yes. Data for a normal INTERNET User can be any information which can be store or pass to other person.  Below are few examples of Digital data which he/ she does not think important enough but remember these can put him/ her in trouble.

  • Photographs on Social Media Websites
  • Emails
  • Phone numbers in a Smartphone
  • Many More …..  Which user doesn’t think about privacy during sharing them.

FACT: You can be in trouble if not use internet with caution.

Let us prepare a list of Item or actions we do each day on Web. Suggest me if i missed any.

  1. Checking Email
  2. Spending time on Facebook
  3. Tweet on Tweeter
  4. Use Whatsapp to send messages to friends

We have just covered Data Privacy Risk for General Public, but do you know the risk involve on daily work for a Corporate Office and Employees.

We will go one by one in more details. Keep Patience and comeback for reading and share you views,

Whatsapp started Payment Solution in India

In India Whatsapp started payment solution which is a big stroke for other Wallet providers like Paytm. Till now there are many vendors but Paytm was on top.

As WhatsApp has a big customer base already here, it is easy for them to have to boost customer base. Paytm already hitting back Facebook telling the company playing unfair means of business.

We will see where the battle going but in this technology war, our customers definitely get a better service day by day.

Why do Indian Technology Workers Worry About a Job Threat?

In the recent times, there has been a rising trend of Indian technology workers to get fired from their jobs. Not only men and women with relatively little work experience are becoming victims of this trend but even highly experienced employees who have been working in the IT industry for the last two decades are getting fired from their jobs.

The information technology market in India grew at an astounding speed over the last 20 years, and a bulk of the employees in this industry come from poor and middle-class families. The current trend of job losses, therefore, has most employees in the IT sector worry about the future of their careers.

One of the main reasons for which the Indian it industry overgrew over the last two decades is a practice known as offshoring. This change has made the information technology sector, and all related businesses annually create revenues that exceed the $150 billion mark and offer employment to more than four million people.

The employees build and test different types of software programs, enter and analyze valuable data as well as offer technical support for numerous European and American companies that are always on the look for relatively inexpensive but high-quality labor.

Technology Workers

However, there is a new trend that can observe in the worldwide tech industry that relies more and more on robotics, automation, machine learning, big data analytics and machine consulting. These technologies not only threaten to bypass the Indian workers but also replace them in time. Experts believe that automated processes can replace software maintenance work that is usually done by engineering professionals.

These design professionals work with simple codes and analyze different types of data to present software expertise to various foreign clients. However, such manual efforts might soon become unnecessary if the automated processes become commonplace.

While this is not going to incur a lot of financial losses for companies in US and European countries, they can certainly lead to loss of jobs for people in India with limited skill sets. The new trends of technology are also going to increase the number of US jobs onshore. While the extent of damage that will face the Indian IT job market is yet not clear, we assume that by the September of this year, there is going to be a loss of 2% of the total workforce. However, the alarming thing is that this loss of workforce might increase up to 50% to 70% by the year 2020.

While it is true that new forms of technologies are certainly going to create more new jobs, there is certainly going to be a sizeable loss for the IT job market in India. Up until now, it is still not clear as to how the artificial intelligence and automation is going to influence the global and Indian markets.

Some industry insiders believe that although these new technologies are certainly going to create a lot of jobs, many of them will be in countries outside India, such as in the United States where it will be difficult for the average Indians to go and find work. These factors are particularly right with the tighter visa regulations that have been placed by the Donald trump government.

The authorities in the Indian job markets are now reassuring people in this country that the job losses will be only minimal and that only those who fail to perform well will lose their jobs.

However, many of the people who have already lost their jobs seriously doubt that they were under performers and has led to IT employees in India worry about their job security.

How to remove Proudly powered by WordPress from your Free Website

Everyone starts with a free provider like blogger or WordPress. But As your knowledge level increases, you are moving towards making your brand more unique and focus on your website to professional.

Here is one question most of you worried about.

How to remove Proudly powered by WordPress from the footer of your website if you are using a free WordPress theme.


Follow the Steps mentioned below:

  1. Login to your WordPress admin panel
  2. Navigate to Editor menu under Appearance
  3. Click on the Theme Footer (footer.php) page on right side of the page
  4. Change below as per your website. Just replace your website and Website name where it has wordpress’s url and name.

<div class=”site-info”><div class=”site-info”> <?php do_action( ‘twentythirteen_credits’ ); ?> <a href=”<?php echo esc_url( __( ‘httsp://wordpress.org/’, ‘twentythirteen’ ) ); ?>”><?php printf( __( ‘Proudly powered by %s’, ‘twentythirteen’ ), ‘WordPress’ ); ?></a> </div><!– .site-info –>