A Good Content – The Best SEO Trick of 2019

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If you own a website or work with any kind of online business or eCommerce website, then you must be familiar with a term called SEO. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of increasing the importance or rank of a website in the eyes of a search engine so that it would show your website among its top results.

Have you even done a google search on any unknown topics. We tend to click on one of the top three search results with the believe that we are gonna find whatever you are looking for in one of those three. And SEO will decide which results comes in the top results. Now you know why SEO is so important for an online business because it will bring visitors to your website and every visitor is a customer in Online Business.

Since SEO is this much important to online marketing of a business, everybody is searching for new tricks to increase their ranks. Google is changing their search algorithm constantly to produce the best user experience for its visitors.

Content is the Key to SEO

In google’s latest update, it has put more focus on the content of a web page to determine its ranking. During the humming Bird Update google made it very clear that content is going to be the key to achieving better ranking. What it meant was a large detailed content on one topic will get better traffic than a web page containing small things on a large number of topics.

How to Make a good Content that can attract millions of customers?

Now that we know how much content is important to a website’s success , we should now focus on how to make that content which will drive visitors to our doorsteps. Here is a list of things you can put under microscope.

  • Go in depth of the topic you are writing about.
  • Break down every little things from beginning to end so that a visitor with no prior knowledge can understand everything perfectly.
  • Give examples, good websites to follow on the given topic. Tell them which are better among then in terms of money, location, time.
  • Describe the topic in a step by step process.
  • Give them some insights about what is coming next
    like what to expect after the results to invoke their curiosity.
  • Make your Content so descriptive that people shouldn’t have any questions after going through that. They should know what to do next.

Making a good content not only helps your visitors getting a better prospective of your website, it also helps google understand that it can help people by showing your website on top. And hence the improvement in ranking.

Visiting users will spend a lot more time on your website if they like the content. And search engines like Google tend to show such websites to increase their advertising revenue.