All You Need to Know to Master Web Testing

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It is just Basic Software testing that focuses on Web Applications. When you want to be on top all the time, then you need to test and improve every aspect of your website.


  1. Functionality test (links,database connection,Forms)
  2. Usability test (Navigation, general appearance)
  3. Compatibility test (on different platforms)
  4. Performance test (load and Stress test)
  5. Security test (vulnerability, password cracking,Virus Detection)
  6. Interface Testing (communication between web,application and interface servers)

Functionality test :

  • test all the outgoing links and they should open on a different tab.
  • test all the internal links, link jumping on the same page.
  • test email sending links
  • check the true values of forms
  • Wrong input to forms Test and Error Message
  • Optional and Mandatory Fields
  • Try for cookie testing (cookie- small files stored for a short period of time on your computer to run a website smoothly)
  • effect of deleting cookies, log in again
  • HTML Syntax Errors

Usability Test:

  • Navigation buttons, boxes
  • Instructions Should be Clear
  • Main Menu Should be Provided on Each page
  • Spelling Errors , Use of too dark colors
  • Content Should be logical and meaningful
  • proper Image Placing With Proper Sizes
  • Search buttons and FAQ should be given to help users.

Compatibility Test

  • Browser Compatibility- website coding Should be Cross browser platform Compatible. test and check on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape Navigator, AOL, Safari, Opera browsers with different versions.
  • OS compatibility- check on Windows, Unix, MAC, Linux, Solaris with different OS flavors.
  • Mobile Compatibility- mobile indexing should be given priority because of the recent exponential increase in the no of mobile users.
  • Printing Options- font , page alignment , graphics should print properly. printing pages should fit to the paper size.

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Performance Test

  • load testing- So many users accessing or requesting the same page at same time. large input of data from users , connection to DB.
  • Web Stress testing- Stress is generally given on input fields, login and sign up areas. How the site recovers from Crashes.
  • Connection speed- on Various connections like dial up, ISDN.
  • Performance of file processing, memory systems.
  • We need to check how the system behaves at peak load when large amount of data accessed by users.

Security Test

  • Proper messages should be displayed in case of secure and non secure http pages.
  • Check whether internal links are opening without login . They should never open without login.
  • Wrong inputs in user name password. Check the displayed messages. try to change password and login by old password.
  • Web directory files should be given download option to access them. Otherwise check that one shouldn’t access them directly.
  • Captcha testing for automating script logins.
  • Check for potential vulnerability of the website and repair them.

Interference Test

  • This basically checks the compatibility between server and other components such as software, hardware, network and database.
  • Web server with application server and Application server with database server- the two important interactions.
  • Error msgs should be displayed by application servers correctly incase database server picks up something.
  • Check what happens incase of a reset of connection to the web server.

Web testing is a general part of any website. In order to improve your website you need to test and find its weak spots. You can do it manually or hire a software company who expertise in this field.