Artificial Intelligence : A Step Closer to the Ultimate Technology

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Artificial Intelligence , the ultimate and most advanced technology the human race are planning to make. It has been almost 50 years since the topic had came up and from then everyone had been obsessed with it. A lot of movies , articles has came up during these years and a lot of speculations had been made but no one got the break through.

Artificial Intelligence is a concept of a machine or a program that can have a thinking process like humans. A computer capable of showing human emotions and reacting. New technology has always been invented to make things easier for humans. But this could really be something else.

Speaking about the latest technologies, no matter how advanced it is , there is a limit to what it can do. But with AI there will be no limit.  If it can think on its own then it will no longer required permission from a person to act. The basic functions an AI can have are speech recognition,  ability to learn, problem solving , Planning and Executing just like a normal human being. After that there will be no need to built any higher form of technology because it will learn to evolve into a greater being as per the definition.  If man can successfully able to build an AI , there can be catastrophic results as we can see in every robot uprising movies but the applications will be huge in the fields of robotics, medicine, Science and technology.

Every big company is investing a huge amount of money in their own AI research departments.  Lets see who gets there first.

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