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Top 5 E-Commerce Platforms as per SEO point of view

There are number of E-Commerce platforms are there. But some of them are truly valuable from the SEO point of view. Firstly, we need to know why SEO is necessary for e-Commerce? The answer is ready in a single line “Because more than 50% sale come from SEO on all Online Store.” Here I mention top five SEO friendly E-Commerce platforms:

  1. Shopify
  2. WooCommerce
  3. Yo!Kart
  4. BigCommerce
  5. Magento

Also I want to tell that you don’t find all the good features in a single platform. Each one is built to consider only certain pre-imagined business requirements and goals. That means that none of these platforms are greatest for every sized business requirement. But, if you are sensible with your precise online storefront requirements, there is obviously one of these five that can be the most excellent fit for you.

Best Five E-Commerce Platforms
Best Five E-Commerce Platforms

Panic Button: A new technology updates on Smart Phones

Now a brand new technology update is needed to the smart phone makers to help protect women. Every cell phone sold in India from the coming year onwards will have to characteristic “a panic button” constituted to the numbers 5 or 9 on the keypad of ordinary phones. The panic button will be prompted if you press and hold one of those two numbers. It’s not clear which government or police agency will obtain the alert yet.

To assemble the new requisites, every phone maker including giants like Apple and Samsung will have to write software for India that contains the panic button arrangement. Apple is known to assist with governments for country-precise characteristics. For example, it has eradicated its FaceTime app (for audio and video chats) from its products sold in the UAE.


While Apple can add the panic button requisites via a reasonably easy software update, the condition is much more difficult in the Android camp because of the humongous number of companies that make Android phones and use Google’s operating application.

Another area of worry is whether this could holdup the launch of certain phones in India. Many smart phones are launched in the US or China before they enter in India. Adding a extra panic button to Indian options of the phone – even if it’s done via software application- could boost the time these companies take to commence their handsets in India.

Three Crucial Ways to Survive Instagram’s Algorithm revise

Instagram recently declared that it is altering its algorithm to be similar to that of Facebook’s: users’ feeds will no longer present content chronologically. As a substitute, the posts they see earliest will be the ones that the app considers they are concerned in. This will comprise everything from trendy posts to posts that are based on users’ previous commitment, such as likes, comments and profiles they have regularly visited.

There is a brilliant side to the revise, however. To stay aggressive, businesses with the most aimed followers and best-quality content will be the ones to stand out from the pack.

How to Survive with Instagram's Latest Algorithm Update?
How to Survive with Instagram’s Latest Algorithm Update?

Following are the three tips help you to overcome Instagram’s Algorithm update:

  1. Need to make an additional push to enhance engagement now.

The shortest way is to enlarge coverage and optimize engagement. This indicates you need to get more attention on your profile and do it at the correct time.

  1. Need to use hashtags with proper words

If there’s whatever thing that has settled the similar with Instagram, it’s hashtags. Hashtags will maintain to be a way to help Instagram users notice new content, so use that to your benefit. Exchange between 10 to 15 hashtags that are related to your brand to put your content in front of the correct people.

  1. Need to use your email list

Email marketing is the most efficient way to market your brand, and that contains your social media accounts. If you haven’t been using Instagram to develop your email list, now is the time to set up driving traffic back to other feeds.

Blogspot domain blogs come with HTTPS version

Coming in Late April! 
All visitors will be able to view your Blogspot domain blogs over an encrypted connection by visiting https://<your-blog> Existing links and bookmarks to your blogs will continue to work. As part of this change, the HTTPS Availability setting will go away, and your blogs will always have an HTTPS version.

Google Blogspot URLs come with HTTPS version
Google Blogspot URLs come with HTTPS version

Attractive online tools for Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a technique which helps to promote your website. For successful web promotion you need to take help from some tools. Some popular SEO tools are:

1. Google Analytics
2. Google Search Console
3. Moz
4. Google Keyword Planner
5. Screaming Frog
6. Google (and Bing)
7. Bing Webmaster Tools
9. Google Trends
10. Chrome Developer Tools
11. Wayback Machine
13. SEO Quake Toolbar
14. Web Developer Toolbar
15. GTmetrix

Online free SEO tools
Online free SEO tools

Web Content Development Services

Web content development

Web Content Development
Web Content Development

Web content development is a very important process for every website. In this process the researching, writing and gathering, organizing, and editing information for publication on web sites. So this process is a very important process in the development of a website.

The main aim behind the creation of a website is to make an organization popular among peoples in all over the world. People or organization wanted to put all noticeable information about their organizations on their website, the motive is more and more people those visit to their website they know about their organization that alternatively helps in developing their organization by increasing clients.

So from this point of view it is mandatory that websites must have some useful and attractive content so that the viewer likes those and pay their attention to read the contents those are present on your website.

The web content development services do this work for your websites, these are many companies are present those are having very good content writer teams those are specialised in high end and SEO driven content writing.

So improvise contents on your website and that helps you in development of your website and business. So these are some things about web content development.



Reasons behind the Popularity of “Facebook”

Reasons behind the Popularity of “Facebook”


Facebook is an online social networking service or a popular social networking site. Now days this is the number one social networking site of the world with 900,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors and day by day the number of visitors increasing.

Now a question comes why this social networking site is so popular?

The reasons behind the popularity of facebook are that, its user friendly architecture, easy to access, better use in any platform etc.

As there are many others social networking sites are present but facebook is easier to use compared to others and it provides better services. You can use facebook on any platforms easily may be on windows, Android, iOS etc on all platforms facebook is very easy to use.

The image, text and video uploading format of facebook is very advance and easier and also the instance chatting or messaging system. People fells very easy to use facebook rather than other social networking sites so day by day the popularity of facebook increasing day by day and people of all age and gender using facebook in all over the world.

So these are some things about the popularity of facebook.

Importance of WhatsApp In Our Life Style In Current Scenario

Importance of WhatsApp In Our Life Style In Current Scenario


Now days WhatsApp is becomes a very popular instant messaging app for smart phones that used by millions of people in all over the globe. This famous app was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in the year 2009.

After that this app develops in a very rapid speed and with in very less amount of time it becomes very popular and millions of people in all over the world are using this app in their smart phones.

The main reason behind the popularity of WhatsApp is it is a cross-platform app that uses the Internet to send text messages, images, video, user location and audio media messages from one smart phone to another instantly. So people fell very easy to use this app to send messages, images, videos etc to friends or to any other easily.

Due to which WhatsApp becomes the most popular instant messaging app with having 600 million active users in the year 2015 and every day more numbers of users are increasing.

This shows that how this messaging app is important in our present life style.

“STPI” Software Technology Parks of India

“STPI” Software Technology Parks of India

Software Technology Parks of India
Software Technology Parks of India

India is a technologically rapidly growing country in all over the world. In different fields like software development, industrialization, infrastructure development etc field India growing in a rapid speed.

STPI or Software Technology Parks of India is a society registered under different acts of India to encourage the development of software development field in India.

STPI registered under Indian Societies Registration Act 1860, established in 1991 under the Companies Act 2013, and Income Tax Act 1961. STPI is a society set up by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India in 1991, the main reason or objective behind the formation of STPI was the encouraging, promoting and boosting the Software Exports from India.

Simultaneously the economy of the county also increases and the problems like unemployment are decreases.

In this project all states of India contributed in an effective way but the state like Karnataka (see Bangalore) followed by Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Telangana are the states those are leading in the country.

Major cities of India including the cities of Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hubli, Trivandrum, Bhilai, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Kakinada, Pune, Guwahati, Noida, Mumbai, Nagpur, Kolkata, Kanpur, Lucknow, Dehradun, Patna, Rourkela, Ranchi, Gandhinagar-Gujarat, Surat Imphal, Shillong, Nashik are the cities where we can feel the presence of STPI.

So these are some things about STPI (Software Technology Parks of India).

Smart Phones Are the Best Gadget of the Present Time

Smart Phones Are the Best Gadget of the Present Time

Smart Phones
Smart Phones

Gadgets are the small mechanical devices or tools, those are makes our work easier. Or we can say that the Gadget is the tools those help us in completing our day to day works in an easier way.

These are many Gadgets are present in all over the world those we are using according to our requirement, but the most useful gadgets that is very popular among people is smart phones.

Smart phones are the gadgets that can alone capable of doing many other useful gadgets. As example by using a smart phone we can access internet and do other office work, so it replaces our computer or laptop, we can see time so it replaces our digital watch. Through a smart phone we can access GPS etc and many more gadgets, so we can say that smart phones are the best gadgets of the present time.

Smart phones content an advance operating system and day by day the operating system increasing its features.