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Why online shopping trends increasing day by day?

Online shopping, as a trend, is getting more popular by the day, and there are some specific reasons for the same. First of all, no long do people have time in this day and age to go and spend long hours in shopping malls and other such entities in order to buy something. Secondly – and this could be the more-important reason of the two – the offers on online shopping platforms are so much more attractive than their physical counterparts. No matter what you are looking for – books, movie tickets, electronic items, insurance plans, accessories, flight and rail tickets, and apparels – it is now the norm to look for them on the internet.

We sell everything

These days, the number of online stores has increased at a phenomenal rate. No matter what you are looking for on the internet you can be sure that there is some or the other online store that is selling it. These days, people are also booking cars and houses on the internet for that matter. India is still at a stage where online shopping is yet to catch on in the truest sense of the term. However, it has indeed become much more popular than say three or four years back.

How does online shopping happen in India?

Quite often it so happens that people watch advertisements of online stores on their television or even while surfing the net. They visit those sites as well. However, it is not always that they make the crucial decision of buying the product that they came looking for in the first place. There are some definite reasons for this as well. Most of the people over here are afraid that they might be subjected to online theft and such other acts of crime if they shopped online. This has been found in a number of surveys done recently.

Online Shopping trend is Increasing
Online Shopping trend is Increasing

The question of reliability

Quite often these people are also afraid regarding the reliability of these online platforms. They are apprehensive about the same. In fact, this is quite a common trend still now. However, it is expected that with time people in India will slowly and surely get used to the notion of shopping online. Experts feel that the next generation will herald the biggest change in this regard. Already most of the people doing online shopping in India can be classed as young folks and it is expected that in the days ahead they will make the situation much better for the online sellers.

The big brands   

A cursory glance at the ones that are doing well in the online shopping scenario in India would reveal that it is the big brands such as Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, Homeshop, eBay, Amazon, etc., that are doing well. They have huge repositories of goods and offer discounts that cannot be afforded by the smaller players. They are much more than shopping stores. They are actually wholesalers that are selling their ware much like what a retail store would do. But they are doing so at wholesale prices.

Why are they surging ahead?

Apart from some wonderful discounts that you are sure to not get anywhere else these sites also enable you to return products within a 30-day time-span in case the said product turns out to be a defective one. The increasing use of smartphones has also played into their hands as these service providers are making apps of their brands and then releasing them on platforms such as Apple Store and Google Playstore from where users can download and install the apps and then buy the products that they wish to. It is expected that even as smartphones become cheaper and more abundantly available more people will be shopping online.

Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly?

In this day and age, having a website that can be seen on mobile is much more than just a good thing to do. It is one of the most-important requirements of business. comScore has recently come out with a statistic, which says that more people are using internet on their smartphones as opposed to a desktop. So, you might as well understand how important it is to focus on this aspect of your business. There is no other way for you but to optimize your website for the various mobile devices that are out there. As much as 50 per cent of the people say that they are never going to revisit a website if it fails to load properly on their mobile devices.

Creating a mobile version of your site

The best and also the one way that takes the shortest time in making your website mobile friendly is to build a mobile version of your website. For this you can use platforms such as Duda Mobile and bMobilized. This is a rather-simple way to make sure that your site is compliant with the expectations of it but it also means that you need to maintain a couple of separate websites for all intents and purposes. At times, it can get really difficult to upgrade two sites at once. In fact, your users may also get frustrated if they see that one site has less content than the other.

Grow your business with Mobile Friendly Website
Grow your business with Mobile Friendly Website

Using mobile plug-ins   

You can also use mobile plug-ins of website content management systems that are popular. A list of such systems would include names like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. All these sites have the plug-ins that can help you make your site a mobile-friendly one without the need to create a couple of versions of the same website. In case of some of these websites you would get extra ways in which you can customize the mobile experience users have on your site.

With the help of the plug-ins you can provide content and also include features that are always used the best on mobile devices. The mobile plug-in of WordPress is known as WPtouch. As far as the site itself is concerned this is one of the best plug-ins that it has. It can easily make your customers’ experience a unique one. If you use a paid version you will get the additional features that are meant for e-commerce sites.

If you wish to use a simple mobile theme that would make sure that all your websites can be accessed using mobile phones then you can use JetPack, a product of WordPress. In the same way, you can use mobile plug-ins from Joomla as well. The leading names in this regard would be Responsivizer and JoomlaShine. Both these are quite simple ways for imparting mobile functionality to your website. However, you would only need to use them if you were using an earlier incarnation of Joomla like 2.5 or an even-older one. If you are using Joomla 3.5 it already has support for mobile websites.

Drupal also has a couple of mobile plug-ins named ThemeKey and MobileKey. These detect if the device on which the site is being viewed is a mobile website or not and then change the site’s theme automatically to one that is friendlier with respect to mobile phones. The interfaces of both these platforms are quite easy to use as well. If you wish to use other content management systems for this purpose you can always look up the internet and learn more on the issue. You can also use a responsive design that prioritizes mobile devices.

Top 5 online wholesale eCommerce portals in the world

Symphony Commerce is one of the top online wholesale portals of the world. It operates on SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). A lot of experts rate this so highly because they believe Software-as-a-Service can be used to create a wonderful solution that would be right for all businesses irrespective of their size. It is not that only the big business houses that are able to bear the overhead expenses of farming out projects will be able to use Software-as-a-Service. The beauty of Symphony Commerce is in the fact that it has much more than Software-as-a-Service. The organization markets itself as a commerce-as-a-service provider. It is also well equipped to combine all its physical offerings in a digital one and this is where it stands out from others.


Squarespace can be described as complete e-commerce platform and in spite of that it is an affordable one. It can actually do good business as a small business and grow well to reach your ambition. Squarespace offers a number of templates and all of them can be used pretty well, which is a further testament to the strength of this site. It also offers some gorgeous layouts and you do not need to know any code in order to be able to choose one. If you build your online store using its services there would be no limit on the number of items you will be able to upload on your online store.


As far as flexibility among e-commerce platforms are concerned Magento tops everything else. It can easily accommodate the needs of small businesses as well as the large businesses. This also makes it one of the most scalable platforms in the world as far as e-commerce is concerned. The platform also happens to be a popular one considering the fact that it is an open source one. Its open source nature makes it easy for you to add a feature and improve the look and feel of your e-commerce site. For example, in case you wish to add to the conversions on your site you can always add Nosto. This is a free extension that helps track unique behaviour by visitors.

Top 5 wholesale eCommerce Platforms
Top 5 wholesale eCommerce Platforms


CommerceHub happens to be a cloud-based platform where retailers are allowed to increase their inventory and do so dramatically, at that. The same goes for the products that they are able to offer to their customers. This is an important feature considering how they lend support to their business on a regular basis. The question is how they got to this position. CommerceHub basically works as a platform for merchandising and fulfillment, and basically connects suppliers and online retailers. Anyone who has attempted to set up a relationship with suppliers would know what a major achievement this is. A lot of businesses without proper recognition are not able to get in touch with the best suppliers.  Drupal Commerce

A lot of experts say that Drupal Commerce is easily one of the finest e-commerce systems when it comes to power and action that the site can offer to its users. In fact, it happens to be one of the few e-commerce platforms that has a built in content management system (CMS). People who use Drupal can customize their workflows with a lot of ease. This is why it is preferred by so many marketers around the world. This is especially applicable for marketers that are not that experienced with regards to the e-commerce platforms’ back-ends.  The platform itself is really flexible in the sense that it can be configured and modulated rather easily. This also implies that it is built to scale.