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Artificial Intelligence : A Step Closer to the Ultimate Technology

Artificial Intelligence , the ultimate and most advanced technology the human race are planning to make. It has been almost 50 years since the topic had came up and from then everyone had been obsessed with it. A lot of movies , articles has came up during these years and a lot of speculations had been made but no one got the break through.

Artificial Intelligence is a concept of a machine or a program that can have a thinking process like humans. A computer capable of showing human emotions and reacting. New technology has always been invented to make things easier for humans. But this could really be something else.

Speaking about the latest technologies, no matter how advanced it is , there is a limit to what it can do. But with AI there will be no limit.  If it can think on its own then it will no longer required permission from a person to act. The basic functions an AI can have are speech recognition,  ability to learn, problem solving , Planning and Executing just like a normal human being. After that there will be no need to built any higher form of technology because it will learn to evolve into a greater being as per the definition.  If man can successfully able to build an AI , there can be catastrophic results as we can see in every robot uprising movies but the applications will be huge in the fields of robotics, medicine, Science and technology.

Every big company is investing a huge amount of money in their own AI research departments.  Lets see who gets there first.

New High Tech gadgets and apps to help you get back into Shape.

Obesity is one the major problems among youth in the modern age. Hard Work has changed to smart work due to evolution of Science and Technology.  People are using mind rather than body to do more effective work . As a result our bodies aren’t getting the required amount of physical activity as per our diet. This leads to weight gain which will eventually going be a part of lots of problems in our day to day life.

There is a solution to every problem as we invented a lot of new technology to tackle this problem. We need to appropriate amount of exercise to get rid of this problem but what’s important is that a lot of new techs are invented to get our results in a better more efficient way.

1.New high Tech Gym equipment

we are no longer strangers to gym. Apart from Cardio routines we can also use the other equipment which targets very specific areas of our body. One can lose weight , gain weight, gain muscle as per his/her requirement using these new fancy tools.

2. Fit bits and Smart Watches


This is the latest trend that is going on among the youth. This practically a device to record the parameters of your day to day activity. One can measure the distance , no of steps, calories burn and also the heart rate . It can use GPS as well. This best thing about it is its portability. this is basically a watch doing all the above things. And now the makers are ensuring the popularity of there products by giving it enough upgrades so that they can multi task as well. You can see notifications, caller’s name, alarm clock like functions with the others stuff.


3. Fitness apps

Mobiles apps are one of the most effective method to reach people as almost everyone has access to a smart phone and internet connectivity. There are apps which can track our calorie intake . Some can track our day to day physical activities like Google Fit. And there are a lot of Fitness apps to ensure that we do exercise regularly and in the efficiently.

Some apps:

  • Runtastic Running Distance & Fitness Tracker. …
  • Google Fit- Fitness Tracking. …
  • Healtify Me
  • Nike Training Club- Workouts & Fitness Plans. …
  • Map My Fitness Workout Trainer. …


In a world where looks matter a lot and looking attractive is essential , these new technologies and gadgets sure can help u get a better life .  What’s your excuse of getting fat?

New Technologies those are going to Transform the World in recent Future.


With the world choosing smart work over hard work, we can definitely say that there will constant changes over the type of technology we use in our day to day life. From small offices to big corporate companies, all are choosing faster and better technology for better efficiency.

Here are some new technologies those could have the potential to change the world.

  •  Artificial  Intelligence
  • Block Chain technology
  • Digital Twin Technology
  • Event Driven Applications
  • Progressive Web Applications
  • Cyber Security
  • Low Code Development


All these technologies are showing early signs of better gathering of data , identification of threat as well as better accuracy in problem solving. It’s only a matter of time that these technologies will revolutionize the modern civilization.

Whatsapp started Payment Solution in India

In India Whatsapp started payment solution which is a big stroke for other Wallet providers like Paytm. Till now there are many vendors but Paytm was on top.

As WhatsApp has a big customer base already here, it is easy for them to have to boost customer base. Paytm already hitting back Facebook telling the company playing unfair means of business.

We will see where the battle going but in this technology war, our customers definitely get a better service day by day.

Why do Indian Technology Workers Worry About a Job Threat?

In the recent times, there has been a rising trend of Indian technology workers to get fired from their jobs. Not only men and women with relatively little work experience are becoming victims of this trend but even highly experienced employees who have been working in the IT industry for the last two decades are getting fired from their jobs.

The information technology market in India grew at an astounding speed over the last 20 years, and a bulk of the employees in this industry come from poor and middle-class families. The current trend of job losses, therefore, has most employees in the IT sector worry about the future of their careers.

One of the main reasons for which the Indian it industry overgrew over the last two decades is a practice known as offshoring. This change has made the information technology sector, and all related businesses annually create revenues that exceed the $150 billion mark and offer employment to more than four million people.

The employees build and test different types of software programs, enter and analyze valuable data as well as offer technical support for numerous European and American companies that are always on the look for relatively inexpensive but high-quality labor.

Technology Workers

However, there is a new trend that can observe in the worldwide tech industry that relies more and more on robotics, automation, machine learning, big data analytics and machine consulting. These technologies not only threaten to bypass the Indian workers but also replace them in time. Experts believe that automated processes can replace software maintenance work that is usually done by engineering professionals.

These design professionals work with simple codes and analyze different types of data to present software expertise to various foreign clients. However, such manual efforts might soon become unnecessary if the automated processes become commonplace.

While this is not going to incur a lot of financial losses for companies in US and European countries, they can certainly lead to loss of jobs for people in India with limited skill sets. The new trends of technology are also going to increase the number of US jobs onshore. While the extent of damage that will face the Indian IT job market is yet not clear, we assume that by the September of this year, there is going to be a loss of 2% of the total workforce. However, the alarming thing is that this loss of workforce might increase up to 50% to 70% by the year 2020.

While it is true that new forms of technologies are certainly going to create more new jobs, there is certainly going to be a sizeable loss for the IT job market in India. Up until now, it is still not clear as to how the artificial intelligence and automation is going to influence the global and Indian markets.

Some industry insiders believe that although these new technologies are certainly going to create a lot of jobs, many of them will be in countries outside India, such as in the United States where it will be difficult for the average Indians to go and find work. These factors are particularly right with the tighter visa regulations that have been placed by the Donald trump government.

The authorities in the Indian job markets are now reassuring people in this country that the job losses will be only minimal and that only those who fail to perform well will lose their jobs.

However, many of the people who have already lost their jobs seriously doubt that they were under performers and has led to IT employees in India worry about their job security.

How to secure your Gmail and Google Docs data with the help of Google’s Anti-Phishing Security for Android device?

Recently people who used Google Docs and Gmail were victims of a phishing scam that was carried out on a widespread basis. In response to it Google has said that it will be coming out with a new security feature for the Gmail application on Android phones. It is expected to warn users regarding links that happen to be suspicious in nature. However, experts are saying that even this feature may not be enough to prevent such attacks since it involved a Google Docs app that was false and malicious in intent. The app in question was hosted on the own domain of Google itself.

A step in the right direction

However, it is still being said that this particular feature represents a correct step considering the number of people who use Google regularly on their Android smartphones. The fact that these phishing attacks are only becoming more sophisticated with each passing day also makes this a right step to take in the present situation. These attacks have improved to an extent where even users, who happen to be extremely tech savvy, are being fooled. As part of said attack people received emails from their contacts where it was said that the sender in question was sharing a document with them.

Fooling people

When people clicked to open the document they saw a webpage that was being hosted by Google itself and for all intents and purposes was harmless in appearance. The page does not ask your password, instead listing all your Google accounts so that you can click them. In this attack your permission is also sought in order to provide permission to the Google Docs app. The only catch in this case was that the app was a fake one. Once it was able to gain the necessary access the virus started to spread to each and every one that was there on your Gmail contact list.

New anti-phishing feature added to Gmail for Android
New anti-phishing feature added to Gmail for Android

The new protection

With the new system being installed in the Gmail app on Android phones there is significant reliance on the Safe Browsing technology of Google. With this technology the users will be warned any time they visit a webpage that is actually a fake and just imitating another legitimate website. Example of such websites could include online stores, banks, or just about any other site where your username and password details are being asked. There is a definite message that will be shown on Gmail in case you are trying to open a suspicious link that has been sent to your email. The warning message would read as below:

“The site you are trying to visit has been identified as a forgery, intended to trick you into disclosing financial, personal or other sensitive information.”

You will then be informed that in case you wish to go ahead and open the site in question you are doing so at your own risk.

What else has Google done?

Google has also acted against the perpetrators of said phishing attack. It has disabled the accounts that were used to carry out the operation, done away with the false pages, and also, with the help of its abuse team and the Safe Browsing technology, pushed the updates through. The tech giant has also asked its users to come forth and report any thing that they suspect as a phishing attack on the Gmail app. Considering how these phishing scams have become more convincing, it is expected that the new feature by Google will be of immense help to the people who use said app on their Android phones. Google itself is also hopeful that now more people would be careful about clicking on these links.

How analytic tools help to grow your business?

There are several ways in which analytic tools can help your business grow, reach the level that it is supposed to. For example, it can help you understand various keywords and phrases much better than what would have been the case otherwise. Most of us are under the impression that we understand keywords and phrases that are encouraging people to come to our site. This can only be confirmed with the help of analytics. It is with the help of analytics that you can explore your organic search traffic and see which phrases are helping people find out and then get to your website.

Taking those big steps

In fact, with the help of analytic tools you can also see the rate at which people are looking for a term related to your website or business in general. You can also see how people who are doing the search are looking for the presence and quality of usage of a particular keyword or phrase in your website or one of the webpages for the matter. You can see the various things that people are looking for in your website, how long they are staying, etc. The analytical tools can also help you determine the nature of these visitors – are these new visitors or are they people who have been to your website before as well

Finding out about things

These tools can help you determine if a search term is leading to just a visit or are people talking on your website as well. As soon as you are able to make sense of this huge amount of information at your disposal you would be able to cross-check it with other data as well. This can help you make those important changes to your site as well as the various keywords in different segments of your website.

Web Analytics for your Business Help
Web Analytics for your Business Help

Understanding customers

When you are able to understand your keywords and how people are using them then you should also be able to understand the people that are using them. These tools can actually help you understand and establish patterns to their behavior. This way, you are able to compartmentalize them the same way as you do with your keywords. This is a major help when you think of it carefully. It could be that customers are coming to your site after reading reviews of your site or business as such on sites that review the kind of work that you do.

The case of conversion

With these tools you can easily track how many people are converting into customers – and regular at that – and also understand what is leading them to do so. You can easily understand the source of such behavior as well. This can help you realign your strategies. At times, you may also see people behaving differently to what you had thought they would be doing. They may be taking a different route to what you would have expected. It could be that they need more information before they become buyers per se.

The question of trust factor

It could also be that these people are looking for a little more time to trust what you are doing. When you look at these analytical tools’ results you can gain a greater degree of familiarity with the activities that people do and the kind of path that they took. With the help of these results you can target them in a much better way and gain their trust in the process. You can basically improve the experience that they have had on your site. You can take all those steps that you need to in order to grow.

How information technology acquiring major space in Banking Systems day by day?

The banking industry has become highly competitive in the recent times and therefore they are leaving no stones unturned to make sure that their customers have the best experience while using their services. Computing, communications, knowledge and information are being used at every step of the way in the banking sector nowadays in order to provide a cohesive service to the end users. Not only it is important to provide people with the best quality services but they should be provided in the shortest possible time. Moreover, the bank employees should be well informed about the account details of every client so that they can serve them promptly when they ask of their services. This makes it necessary for the banking employees to draw on all the account information as soon as they need them.

The implementation of information technology has greatly changed the way banking industry operates on an overall basis. While at one point of time they mostly used pen and paper to handle all kinds of transactions and official records, now they mostly used digital records of account related documents. The thoroughly digitized and networked methods used by banking service providers have improved the systems efficiency and speed of banks to a great extent. Apart from changing the way banks work in terms of internal accounting, the latest IT systems have also brought a sharp change in the delivery systems that are used by banks for interacting with their customers. Most banks in all parts of the world are struggling to come up with a technological solution for meeting the challenges associated with a fast-changing environment. The banks of today need to invest generously in getting the best IT systems so that they can integrate technological systems within the parental structure to meet the highly intensive requirements of global banking.

Information Technology and Banking Systems
Information Technology and Banking Systems

Banks are now using the latest models of computers to take care of all of their dealings. These are supported by a range of dedicated servers, security systems, data management systems, cloud computing systems which in turn is helping the banking management to manage all of customer records in an efficient manner. The banks are also using specialized software systems for managing customer accounts and records, attend to customer queries and provide solutions online and through phone systems and even carry out efficient employee management within the banking system itself. Some of the cutting edge technologies that are currently used by banks include remote banking, self inquiry facility, anytime and anywhere banking, telebanking and electronic banking. The customers who use the services of a given bank can also avail its services through well designed apps that can be used directly from their smartphones.

Computing and IT systems are not only used to aid customers so that they always get the best services but these advanced technologies are also used for assisting the bank employees in a number of different ways as well. These include assisting the bank to carry out a number of standing instructions in given dates and times, generating reports, speedy transferring of vital information from one system to another which can aid in prompt decision making, generating periodical returns and MIS reports, and interconnecting multiple computerized branches as well as controlling offices that help in accurate management of large volumes of data. Such features have made banking modern and helped the customers to manage their accounts in a much more efficient way. The IT systems have also helped to replace old and redundant models of working which can not only lead to keeping voluminous amounts of data and written records but also increase inefficiency and cost a lot of money in the process.

What are the top IT cities of India and how these cities provide suitable environment to the IT companies?

India is one of the most important countries in the world when it comes to IT or information technology. Numerous cities in India stand out for their contribution in the field of IT. These cities have a well developed infrastructure that helps IT companies from India and abroad to set up their firms here. Let’s now take a look at the cities with the most well developed IT infrastructure in India.


Bangalore is the IT capital of India and houses the highest IT platform in the country. There are numerous IT parks and technology hubs in the city that boasts of cutting edge infrastructure. Both national and multinational firms operate from Bangalore and have access to a huge pool of working talent from all over the country.

National Capital Region

The National Capital Region or NCR which includes New Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon boasts of a number of top notch multinational corporations, we development and software companies that serve clients both in India and abroad. The Delhi IT Park and DLF IT Park comprises of some of the best technological firms that contributes much to the development of the area.


Mumbai is the business capital of the country and therefore it is no wonder that the city is going to have a highly developed IT scene. Some of the IT parks that are located in Mumbai include Everest Infotech Park, International Infotech Park and Infinity Park. Numerous notable tech firms such as WIPRO, HCL, Google, Oracle Financial Services and Tech Mahindra have their offices here.

Present status of Information Technology in India
Present status of Information Technology in India


Hyderabad is a city that has one of the most well developed IT scenes in the country. The Hitech City is a major IT Park here in Hyderabad. More than 1500 reputed IT companies have their offices here in Hyderabad, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Infosys, Yahoo and Tata Consultancy Services.


Pune is said to be Maharashtra’s cultural capital and it has got a well developed IT sector. EON and Hinjewadi IT Parks are located on the outskirts of Pune. There are also many notable brands and names working in the IT scene of this city, including Wipro, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, BMC Software, IBM, HSBC and IGATE.

Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar

Both Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar are cities that are booming with IT hubs and technological companies. Infocity is a major area in Gandhinagar dedicated to the cause of IT development. Currently the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT) is being developed in this part of the country which is to offer cutting edge infrastructure and technology to the companies of tomorrow.


Chennai has a rich infrastructure that is highly conducive to IT development. There are numerous IT parks in this city, such as Tidel Park, CyberVale and Olympia Tech Park that have contributed to the massive development of the city. The Tidel Park was originally the largest IT Park in Asia and today it serves as the basis of operation for many well known software companies.


Thiruvananthapuram serves as a major location for the software development industry. The Technopark is the largest IT and technology park in India which plays a crucial role in promotion of IT and electronic services and products industry. Numerous international firms like Elxsi, Mc Kinsey and Allians and Indian companies like Infosys, Tata and TCS have their offices here.


Kolkata has seen some major technological improvement over the last few years. The DLF IT Park and the Millennium City IT Park serves as two of the most important IT hubs of the city. Many notable companies such as Wipro, IBM, HCL and TCS operate here in Kolkata.