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Free Website to know Employees Email Address of a Company

Most of the marketer need email for communicating and send marketing campaigns. Because of that, we keep increasing our email database which helps us to grow in the market.

We did some research to build a complete list of the best available tools and tactics immediately get email addresses which available on public.

Collecting Email Addresses

There are multiple ways to increase email database:

  • Buy email database from some vendors available in the market.
  • Use free email subscriber took like Sumo or Hello Bar of Neil Patel.


Use Website to get email ids of the desired domain.

Let’s go more detail on Hunter.

How to Obtain Someone’s Email: Strategic Guessing To Find An Email Address. The free tool pulls any valid email addresses for your contact’s given name.

On the search box, you can enter a domain, and they will give you 100s emails.

Hunter website has multiple plans also for you according to your need. But you can Signup Free and start using for life.

Hope this will help you to increase your user base.

What are the processes to adapt new technology on rural business in India?

India has a large rural area all across the country where the lifestyle of people is dramatically different than from people who are living in the urban areas. In these parts of India, the main sources of livelihood are farming as well as different types of small cottage industries. India has an extensive handloom and handicraft industry, most of which is managed by people coming from the rural parts of the country. These industrial make up a large part of the country’s export markets and therefore play a vital role in boosting the country’s economy. Therefore, most experts agree to the fact that these industries make up the crux of the national economy.
However, a brief look at the methods of production that are used by the people living in the rural areas would suggest that the techniques of production that are used by them are quite old and not in keeping with the needs of modern times. Most of the handlooms and handicrafts that are made in the rural areas are known for their exquisite beauty and intricate artwork. To make sure that such a quality is maintained at all times, it becomes necessary that a strict procedure is followed that has been passed down through centuries to the artisans of today. However, it is this same adherence to age old techniques that often makes it difficult for the people living in the rural areas to adopt new methods of working.

Processes to adapt new technology on rural business
Processes to adapt new technology on rural business

Even in some cases where new methods of production can be implemented by keeping intact the quality and richness of the work for which it is so well known, there is still a mental resistance among people living in the rural areas to adopt new technology. The reason for this is that more often than not they have limited educational qualifications and even more limited exposure to the outer world. In rural areas, life remains the same for hundreds of years which mean people usually see very little change in their day to day lives. This is quite unlike the urban areas where people are exposed to new ideas and changes in infrastructure every now and then. This leads to a natural lack of confidence among people in the rural areas to adopt new ideas and techniques. They tend to feel more at home and comfortable with working methods that are known to them and have been practiced by them for hundreds of years.
Another reason for which they tend to avoid new technology and working ways is that in most cases these would require certain financial resources which they do not have. Most rural people struggle to earn their daily bread and have little extra resources to invest in new machinery. Such factors make it increasingly difficult for them to adapt to new ways of working even when the situation so. More often than not, advanced production techniques used in other parts of the world make it difficult for them to compete. These advanced machineries and working methods can meet up larger production requirements but make it difficult for the rural people of India to match up to them.
In order to help the rural people of India adapt to new technological methods, steps should be taken to enhance their self respect and confidence as that can go a long way in making them open to new technology. They should also be taught about the benefits of new technology and how it can help them to grow as a community. Additional government policies should be adapted so that they can earn more from their own efforts and be self reliant. This will further encourage them to invest in new technology.

Why every small company should use JIRA and Wiki for managing Team?

Are your business teams having trouble tracking their work? Have you overheard, “What’s the status? I can’t find a status update!” Or something like, “The project is delayed again, and I can’t keep track of anything.

The answer is JIRA.

In small companies HR, legal, finance, and marketing teams can benefit from JIRA in the same ways software teams do. JIRA Core extends the workflow functionality and customizability of JIRA to business teams so they can track work, manage projects, and stay on top of everything. JIRA Core Issues can represent all kinds of things, a task, a document.

Just about anything you want to track can be an issue, and these issues are all contained in what’s called a project.

These projects are made up of finite and recurring tasks depending on how teams work.

Examples of what you can track in JIRA Core in a company:

1. Marketing teams – documents and content: A marketing team can track all the steps and see who’s working on what from to-do to done.

2. HR teams – people: JIRA Core gives HR teams what they need to do to get maximum success of employees.

3. Finance teams – reports and purchase approvals: JIRA Core provides accountability for each team member’s tasks and accuracy to make sure all the steps are followed. purchase requests can be represented as issue which go through a JIRA Core workflow that ensures the right people approve purchases and gives the budget to the proper team.

4.Program management teams : When a new policy/rule added to or removed from a company ,its difficult to keep track what needs to be done.With this technology the team can track the policy changes.

5.Legal team – documents: Legal teams can keep track of contract and documents ensure the right subject matter expert weighs in and proper approvals are in place.



Confluence is a wiki used by many companies to connect people with the content and co-workers they need to get their jobs done, faster.

  • An online application built to help teams organize, discuss, and do their work
  • Everything in Confluence is organized in spaces, which are a collection of related pages
  • Spaces are made up of pages. Pages are the documents in which your team will create, edit, and discuss work.

There are many reasons to use wiki software some of reasons stated below:

  • Get the best people on the right tasks and produce better overall results by letting everyone contribute.
  • Anyone can put content online, quickly and securely – just click and start typing.
  • Bringing the right people into the work and discussions taking
  • place in Confluence is easy.
  • Capture the tacit knowledge of your co-workers, often trapped in email, in confluence where never lost.
  • Confluence makes sure you won't miss another important conversation again.
  • Quick Navigation and Search makes sure you find what you're looking for, fast.
  • Confluence meets the demands of the enterprise environment by keeping your content safe and secure.
  • Combine powerful free-form content creation and collaboration with the document
  • Management and workflow strengths of SharePoint and Office.
  • Create customized designs and brand Confluence to match your corporate style.

JIRA and Confluence are two products that work even better together. Teams can use the strengths of Confluence for knowledge management, and the strengths of JIRA for work management. Work can be defined in Confluence and easily imported into JIRA for execution and delivery.

WIKI has great integration with current issue tracking system JIRA. In small companies they need both knowledge management as well as work management for which

JIRA and WIKI combination is a best solution for Startups and large Organization.

Top 5 Domain Name Providers in India

We are running toward complete internet age. To cope with the latest trend all businesses need a website for reputation and marketing which is a basic need now whether small or large organization.

To Build a Website we first need to book a domain name from the providers. Here are top 5 re-sellers sell domains in India in cheap price.

  3. HostGator
  5. Shopify

domain providers

Top 5 E-Commerce Platforms as per SEO point of view

There are number of E-Commerce platforms are there. But some of them are truly valuable from the SEO point of view. Firstly, we need to know why SEO is necessary for e-Commerce? The answer is ready in a single line “Because more than 50% sale come from SEO on all Online Store.” Here I mention top five SEO friendly E-Commerce platforms:

  1. Shopify
  2. WooCommerce
  3. Yo!Kart
  4. BigCommerce
  5. Magento

Also I want to tell that you don’t find all the good features in a single platform. Each one is built to consider only certain pre-imagined business requirements and goals. That means that none of these platforms are greatest for every sized business requirement. But, if you are sensible with your precise online storefront requirements, there is obviously one of these five that can be the most excellent fit for you.

Best Five E-Commerce Platforms
Best Five E-Commerce Platforms

Importance of Good Contents in E-commerce websites

Importance of Good Contents in E-commerce websites

E-commerce-Website And Good Contents
E-commerce-Website And Good Contents

Good contents are very important for all websites. Especially for e-commerce websites contents are very important. E-commerce websites are trading in products or services using computer networks (internet).

E-commerce websites are those websites those allow consumers to buy and sell a product or service over internet in a very easier way. Both buyer and seller are getting benefits from this service.

But now days these are thousands of e-commerce websites are present in all over the world and for doing good business it is very necessary that your website must be shown at the top position or at least first page of the search engines unpaid result list.

For this purpose people use different techniques the most important technique is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. By this technique you can place your website in the first page of the search engines unpaid result list.

Good contents are plays an important role in the process of optimization of your website. If these are good contents are available in your website those are people searching on search engine then there is more chance that your website will get a place on search engines first page of unpaid result, so good contents are very much important for all e-commerce websites.

Importance of Software Testing

Importance of Software Testing

software Testing
Software Testing

Software testing is an important process insures that the quality of the software product or service is good. Software testing provides an objective, independent view of the software. So software testing is very important for all organizations.
Software testing involves the execution of a software component or system component to evaluate one or more properties of interest.
Some of the importance of software testing:
Software testing evaluates errors if any present, and states requirements that guided its design and development.
Software testing specifies that if the software responds correctly to all kinds of inputs or not.
Software testing performs its functions within an acceptable time, so it is better to use and make sure that your software is working properly.
Software testing is sufficiently usable and Software testing can be installed and run in its intended environments, so it is very easy to use.
The most important thing about software testing is it identifies all defects and failures of your system and helps you in making your system error free. So software testing is very important.

Social Networking Sites, Help Small Business to Grow Fast

Social Networking Sites, Help Small Business to Grow Fast

Social Media Sites
Social Media Sites

Social networking sites are very much helpful in connecting people with each other in all over the world. In current scenario millions of people are using various social networking sites, so it is very easy to share your thoughts with millions of people through social networking sites.

Social networking technology creates a very good opportunity for small business organizations to increase their growth by advertising their product and brand in very less cost.

As social networking sites allows to create a profile of your own and sharing anything that you want, so you can create a social id of your business and share it with millions of people those are using social media sites.

Also you can get more ideas from social networking sites regarding your business and you can implement those ideas in development of your business, so social media sites are very much helpful in development of small business.

Some important and popular social media sites are: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Impact of E-commerce on Supply Chain Management

Impact of E-commerce on Supply Chain Management

E-commerce Technology
E-commerce Technology

Electronic commerce or E-commerce is commonly known as a technique trading in products or services by using computer networks, such as the Internet etc. Now days this E-commerce technology helps many business organizations in maximizing their profit by optimizing in supply chain management system.
Before the E-commerce technology, companies had been faced troubled by using the supply chain technology, however, the emergence of e-commerce has provided a more practical and effective way of delivering the benefits of the new supply chain technologies that increase the profits of the organizations.


Supply Chain Management SystemAC
Supply Chain Management SystemAC

E-commerce is such a technology has the capability to integrate all inter-company and intra-company functions together, meaning that the three flows (physical flow, financial flow and information flow) of the supply chain could be also affected by the e-commerce technology. The effects of physical flows improved the way of product and inventory movement level for different companies or organizations. For the flows of information, e-commerce optimised the capacity of information processing system than companies used to have, and for the financial flows, e-comers allows companies to have more efficient payment system and settlement solutions that changes the whole way of supply chain system.

So, the e-commerce has a more sophisticated level of impact on supply chains management system. This is the reason why most of the companies now days preferring the E-commerce technology.
So these are some things about E-commerce and supply chain management system.