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Important five Advantages of using e-commerce

Important five Advantages of using e-commerce

E-commerce is a process of trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet. These are basically people provide various goods and services through internet is known as e-commerce.
These are many advantages of using this e-commerce. Some of the advantages are:

Advantages of e-commerce
Advantages of e-commerce

1. By using E-Commerce, different organization can expand their market to national and international markets with very less capital investment. Any organization can easily get more customers through this e-commerce technique. Also an organization gets best suppliers and suitable business partners across all over the world.
2. Another benefit of E-Commerce is it helps organization to reduce the cost to create process. As this e-commerce digitizing all the information, so it save cots in distributes, retrieve and manage the paper based information.
3. E-commerce improves the brand image of the company by making available it in internet.
4. This E-commerce helps organization to provide better customer services because through this they can easily communicate with their consumers at any time.
5. The E-Commerce technology very much helps to simplify the business processes. And also the e-commerce makes the business faster and efficient.
These five benefits are provided by e-commerce to every organization, those are using e-commerce technology.

Top Five Social Networking Sites in India

Top Five Social Networking Sites in India

Social Media Optimization

Social Networking Sites are very much helpful to us in maintaining our social life. Due to the social networking site we can stay in touch with our friends and families in a better and easier way. So these social networking sites are very much important in current scenario.

These are many social networking sites are available now days but some of those are very much popular and millions of people are using these sites in current scenario. Top ten social networking sites are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ or Google Plus+.

Social Media Sites
Social Media Sites

Let us discuss about these five social networking sites.

  1. Facebook: Now days Facebook is number one social networking site. These are 900,000,000 Unique Visitors are visiting on this site very month.
  2. Twitter: Twitter is another popular social networking site here 310,000,000 Unique peoples are visiting every month. This is the second most popular social networking site in India.
  3. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is also very popular social networking site but professional peoples are using it for professional uses. These are 255,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors are these in LinkedIn.
  1. Pinterest: Pinterest is a very popular social networking site in India and day by day the popularity increasing. These are 250,000,000 Unique people are visiting to this site in every month; this shows that how much the people of India like this site.
  2. Google+ or Google Plus+: Google is the most popular search engine in the world. These are millions of people using Google every day. Google+ or Google Plus+ is a famous social networking site. Very month 120,000,000 – Estimated Unique Visitors are visiting to the site.

These five social networking sites are very much popular in India and people in India very much like these sites.

Why Social Media Advertising Is Very Much Suitable For Small Business

Why Social Media Advertising Is Very Much Suitable For Small Business

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Social Media in Small buiness

Social media advertising is very much suitable for small business because the social media advertisement don’t need much more amount of money, here in social media advertisement in very less amount of money and in less time very big response are achieved, so this is suitable for small business organizations those don’t have much money for spending for advertisement.

Let’s discuss about some benefits that social media advertising provides to small business organizations.

Top 5 social media tools and how to use them

  1. Very cheaper: First thing is the social media advertising is very much cheaper than other traditional advertising techniques, so social media advertising is affordable by small business organizations.
  2. Help in establishing brand name: The social media advertising creates a brand name for your company, which is very much helpful in development of your business, so social media advertising is very much suitable for small business.
  3. Increase sales and profit: social media advertising increases the visibility of your products and attract customers towards your company’s product, so people purchase more products of your company that increase the sales of your company and your company gets more profit.
  4. Help in improving customer service: social media advertising helps in customers services, through this social media advertising you can directly communicate with your consumers so you can solvers the problems of your consumers in a better way, that increase the quality of customers service of your company.
  5. Help in staying connected with clients: Through social media sites you can directly communicate with your clients at any time, so social media advertising helps you in staying connected with your client in a better way.

So these are some reasons why social media advertising is very much suitable for small business.

Why software testing is important for all business

Now in these current scenario computers are used in every field in all types of business organizations. So it is very important that the computers are working properly without causing any error. Proper working of computers can depends on the proper working of software. So proper working condition of these soft ware’s are very much important, because if the software’s are not working properly then it causes loss to the organization. So it is very much important that all soft ware’s those are going to used are properly verified that these are working properly. Softwares are properly verified by the testing. So testing is very much important for all business.

In every types of business organization a database ware maintained or used to store all kinds of data related to the organization, which data are help in maintaining and running the organization properly. So it is very important that to keep these data secure, but if the software you are using for this purpose are not working properly then there may be chance of data loss which affect the whole business. So testing of the software is very much important thing for all business.

SoftwareTesting is Important for Every SMB
                               SoftwareTesting is Important for Every SMB

Now every type of business organizations are using software which help them to smoothly running the business according to the different kinds of the business different organizations are using different software. Big business organizations are also building and using their own software which is very much helpful for them in running the business. Software engineers are designing software on the basis of the requirement of the business and people who are running it. So in this situation that software’s are very much important for them because they are now depending on this software. So it is very important that this software is working in proper way to running the business organization properly.

So we can say that software testing is very essential thing for every business organization without proper testing of the software it may causes loss to the business organization, so before using any software it is necessary to test it properly.

Top 5 reasons small businesses need android applications

Now this is the age of computers so every where people using computers and internet, in business field also peoples are using computer and internet for various types of operations. But a computer consists of two major components one is hardware and another is software. Android apps are some software’s those help peoples to organize their business effectively or smoothly. Android App Development helps the businesses to create custom solutions according to the business needs and demands. There are lots of ways how android application helps people to run their business.

Android Applications for your Business
Android Applications for your Business

The first reason is Android is completely free and an open platform built on Linux operating system. It is also an open source solution for mobile devices offering a complete software stack including operating system. So there are a lots of programmer available who can build android applications for your business.

The second reason is android applications are very fast in computing rather than other operating systems. So it can process all kinds of data in less time. Now people found more time and they utilize these times for development of their business that make them more profitable.

Third reason is android devices are less costly than other devices. Because Android provides its Software Development Kit (SDK) freely to the developer community which minimizes the development costs. So people easily use android devices in an affordable cost for their business.

Fourth reason is android is easy to integrate that means you can integrate the mobile app according to need of your business. Android operating system is the best mobile platform between the processes architecture and mobile application. That means you can modify your need in your application, according to your business requirement you can modify in your android application.

Fifth reason is Easy adoption, Android applications are written in java programming language with the help of rich set of libraries. Anyone who knows basic java programming can easily create or build android applications. So for small business application software or android application are available easily and within an affordable cost.

5 reasons your small business needs IT right now

The retail industry has transformed completely in the last five years. A consumerism driven market has not only enhanced the purchasing abilities of the consumer but also increased the number of sales channels. Offline and online stores have more opportunities than ever before to interact and engage directly with their customers. The data generated through such interactions can often hold the key to developing the right marketing or sales strategy. These changing dynamics are now dictating to today’s retailer that it is time to integrate IT into their process. Without a robust IT infrastructure, organizations can no longer compete in this market. Here we have narrowed down the most basic reasons to enhance or initiate your IT infrastructure:

Selling online: Everyone is selling online and everything sells online. For small retailers it is critical to understand that selling something online does not require the product to be unique to you. You can sell anything online as long as the product is yours. It is also worth noting that the online business takes away the hassle of overheads and operational expenses of running an actual store.

Managing HR, Finance, Admin: Every organization big or small needs to take care of basic business elements and there is not simpler way to make the basic processes of these roles automated. This not only allows these professional to spend their time on more productive activities but also enables an error free log. An effective implementation of software that integrates these functions and provides data on a platter to the decision maker is also an effective control tool for the top management.

Operational Efficiency: Existing infrastructure and workforces can often slack due to monotony and as a business leader you would not be able to determine the exact causes for the same. Through effective IT integration, activity monitoring becomes far simpler and you can drive operational efficiency with a data driven approach.

Competing globally: A key advantage to digitizing your business is that you are no longer bound to the confines of your region. You can not only sell to new customers across the globe but also promote or spread awareness about your product/service through multiple platforms. For small businesses, going online gives the much needed boost in terms of expanding the customer base and enhance their branding strategies.

Faster Decision Making: It enables faster decision making by providing the right insights. For top management to take calls on marketing and ad campaigns, or salary hikes, or sales strategies, or investment decisions, being armed with the right type of data can often be the difference between success and failure. Big Data technologies today are driving the transformation process for a number of organizations big and small across the globe.

IT need in Small and Medium Businesses
IT need in Small and Medium Businesses

Top 5 social media tools and how to use them

Marketing strategy changing with the adoption if internet and social media. Now there is no meaning of having a business if you do not have a social media strategy.   There are hundred of social media platforms available for all of you now but all of them can not bring customers for you. We will guide you which are the selected platforms you must adopt to be inline with your competitors in this digital age.

Top 5 Social Media Tools are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Tumbler
  • Pinterest


Top 5 social media tools and how to use them
Top 5 social media tools and how to use them

We will tell you more on how to manage them and get effective customers on future posts.

Why Small Companies Should Be On Social Media?

Life without social media seems impossible. Not actually but we pretend to be that because the way social media has dominated over our daily life. Social media has become an element in the table of our daily routine. People across the world are so much connected with social Medias that it has change its purpose which basically stands for building relationship, rather it has become a most powerful marketing media.

Despite the traditional marketing rules and techniques now a day most of the companies are focusing much on social Medias irrespective of the size of the business. Presence on social media is giving a huge boost to the Small and medium size business to expand their business significantly.

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Social Media for Small business

Benefits of Using Social media for Small Business

  • As you are a small company and your budget is limited then it needs no to little money to join facebook, Twitter or any other social media sites. Even you can have your own blog with very little cost.
  • What all you need to do is just open your business page on the social media sites and update it regularly with your activities which is easy and convenient enough that you don’t need to hire someone for doing this and anywhere anytime you can do it even with just a mobile phone.
  • Through social media you can get connected with millions of fans across the world and can reach out to your potential customers as well as can communicate with the customers.
  • It is easier to make your potential customers and customers inform about the details of your products or services, business address, opening hours through your business page on the social media sites.
  • Through a status update on social media you can make update your current customers and potential customers about your sales discount or any exciting prizes or business offers which can help developing your business. And also you can share your business photos, stories or any tips to get communicated with your customers.
  • From the comments on your photos and status updates on social Medias you can draw feedbacks and work on it if it is negative.
  • Customers can “check in” on facebook while they visit your shop which letting your business get promoted by the customers itself
  • Social media sites are available 24×7, fans and followers can view your page anytime they want which may result more traffic to your site. Facebook alone is capable of inducing 185% increase in website traffic.