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What are the social media platforms commonly used in Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

As far as social media optimization is concerned Facebook ranks right up there as the very-best option that you have in this regard. It has at least 1.59 billion users. As far as social platforms are concerned it makes up the largest demographic blend. It gives your business a fantastic medium where you can get in touch with your customers – existing and prospective – all across the world.

As far as advertising is concerned, managing Facebook is the easiest thing to do. Facebook also provides you the best platform to target people. Facebook ads can be used to match its current buyers with more than two million similar prospects that have the same characteristics. They are then taken to an opt-in page where their name and emails can be captured.


Twitter is one platform where your posts have the potential to go viral. When people share your posts and your content is re-tweeted you are likely to gain more followers. Most of the times companies share their recent news, articles, and updates that they normally upload on other major media channels. If you use hash tags you can have a major difference in building momentum for what you are posting on the platform.

So, when you are posting on Twitter you need to be aware of the topics that are trending on the micro-blogging platform. You need to include hash tags that are relevant in the present context. Quite often you can also re-tweet people with many followers as in that case some of those followers may follow you as well.

Commonly used Social Media platforms for SMO


In case you are working in a field that can be classed as being a business-to-business (B2B) one, you can do worse than use LinkedIn for social media optimization. In this regard LinkedIn is what your focus should be on. LinkedIn is the best platform to connect with professionals from various industries. You can easily target them using categories such as job title, and industry to name a few. Just like any other social media platforms building relationships is the main priority on this platform as well. You should prioritize building connections as opposed to starting off with a sales pitch.

LinkedIn Groups is one of the best features that you can have with regards to businesses. As a business you should establish groups that come within your niche category – you can invite others as well. These people must be there in the target market. Companies that have been successful in this regard normally focus on building new relationships with the best prospects. They normally work by identifying the professional titles of the people in question.


As a photo-sharing platform Instagram happens to be really popular – in fact the most popular. A lot of companies use this platform at tradeshows and events as part of their social media optimization strategy. When they host events they provide incentives to attendees to post photos on Instagram and use the hash tag for the event. At times, raffles and other free giveaways are also provided to people who take part in such events.


You should only use Pinterest when you have some fantastic images to share. This site has the capability to make high-quality images go viral and much of this can be credited to its visual nature. In case your image happens to be pinned by a member who is highly followed it can potentially be viewed by millions of people. It is also a great platform for promoting products. There are several companies that post photos of images and book covers that have quotes. These quotes are attributed to their authors and this helps in promoting their books.

You can also use Yelp and YouTube for social media optimization work.

SEO is like taking medicine you have to repeat same thing until reach your goal

SEO is not a one day job or there is no shortcut to get the success, you have to repeat the same job till get success and even after that. It is same like taking a medicine in a particular time, whether before meal or after meal, with water or milk etc.

Same here you have to select keywords like medicine, post it on your website in prescribed manner, and keep sharing on different social media sites until it come up to Google’s first page.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

Three Crucial Ways to Survive Instagram’s Algorithm revise

Instagram recently declared that it is altering its algorithm to be similar to that of Facebook’s: users’ feeds will no longer present content chronologically. As a substitute, the posts they see earliest will be the ones that the app considers they are concerned in. This will comprise everything from trendy posts to posts that are based on users’ previous commitment, such as likes, comments and profiles they have regularly visited.

There is a brilliant side to the revise, however. To stay aggressive, businesses with the most aimed followers and best-quality content will be the ones to stand out from the pack.

How to Survive with Instagram's Latest Algorithm Update?
How to Survive with Instagram’s Latest Algorithm Update?

Following are the three tips help you to overcome Instagram’s Algorithm update:

  1. Need to make an additional push to enhance engagement now.

The shortest way is to enlarge coverage and optimize engagement. This indicates you need to get more attention on your profile and do it at the correct time.

  1. Need to use hashtags with proper words

If there’s whatever thing that has settled the similar with Instagram, it’s hashtags. Hashtags will maintain to be a way to help Instagram users notice new content, so use that to your benefit. Exchange between 10 to 15 hashtags that are related to your brand to put your content in front of the correct people.

  1. Need to use your email list

Email marketing is the most efficient way to market your brand, and that contains your social media accounts. If you haven’t been using Instagram to develop your email list, now is the time to set up driving traffic back to other feeds.

Top 10 Sites every tech employee should read daily

In the revolving world, we need to keep learning daily to cope with other part of the world. Daily we have some changes on different technical products like new android version, IE now switched to Edge browser etc.


So we need to gain knowledge and help our organization regularly. Best part is keep learning improves our own strength in our job and out side world. We can get knowledge from many sources but from them we may not get actual data. So we world suggest you to read from proper channels.

List of best sources for technical knowledge are:

  1. Tech :
  2. Social Media :
  3. Technical:
  4. Gadget News:
  5. SEO updates:
  6. SEO discussion:
  7. Startup help:
  8. HR helps:
  9. Health care technical:
  10. Branding:

Reasons behind the Popularity of “Facebook”

Reasons behind the Popularity of “Facebook”


Facebook is an online social networking service or a popular social networking site. Now days this is the number one social networking site of the world with 900,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors and day by day the number of visitors increasing.

Now a question comes why this social networking site is so popular?

The reasons behind the popularity of facebook are that, its user friendly architecture, easy to access, better use in any platform etc.

As there are many others social networking sites are present but facebook is easier to use compared to others and it provides better services. You can use facebook on any platforms easily may be on windows, Android, iOS etc on all platforms facebook is very easy to use.

The image, text and video uploading format of facebook is very advance and easier and also the instance chatting or messaging system. People fells very easy to use facebook rather than other social networking sites so day by day the popularity of facebook increasing day by day and people of all age and gender using facebook in all over the world.

So these are some things about the popularity of facebook.

Top Social Media Sites Those Are, Best for Social Media Marketing

Top Social Media Sites Those Are, Best for Social Media Marketing

Social Media Sites
Social Media Sites

Social media sites are now days become very popular and millions of people in all over the globe using these sites. Social media sites allow users to create profiles of their own and through that profile they can communicate with their friends and family members in a very easy way.

Social media sites allow people to communicate with friends and family members over internet by text messaging, through audio or video chatting. So users feel very easy and using the social media sites.

As millions of people are using social media sites so these sites are creates an opportunity for business organizations to promoting their products. For marketing their products or advertising their business, social media sites are becomes very good platform.

These are many social media sites are present in all over the world, but these are some social media sites those creates a unique identification among the people. Some of the top social media sites are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Pinterest
  5. Google Plus+
  6. Tumblr
  7. Instagram
  8. VK
  9. Flickr
  10. Vine

Social Media Management Is Very Important For Business

Social Media Management Is Very Important For Business

Social Media Management
Social Media Management

Social media management now becomes a very necessary thing for business organizations. All business organizations may be big or small, local or global prefer social media management services for better development of their organization.

Social media sites are now very much popular in all over the world and millions of people are using social media sites to get in touch with their friends and family members.

As millions of people are available on a platform so it is a great opportunity for business organizations to show their products and to increase the business by getting more clients.

Also social media management helps you in increasing traffic of your website and by this the more number of clients of your organization increases, so social media management is very important function for every type of organizations in current scenario.

Specially facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and etc social media sites are very much helpful in bringing more and more traffic and clients for you.

Social Media Very Much Helpful for E-commerce


E-commerce is the process of trading in products or services using Internet. E-commerce provides the new way of shopping for peoples and available a new business opportunity over internet.

Here people can have access to sell and buy any product or service from any online store or service provider over internet using the website of that store or service provider. The whole concept was known as E-commerce and the website used for this purpose are known as E-commerce websites.

This is the new generation shopping and people like it in all over the world and day by day its popularity increasing. The important work of e-commerce site is to bring more and more traffic to the website and social media very much helpful in this process.

As in the current scenario thousands of people using social media sites in all over the world, so for e-commerce sites it’s a very good opportunity to get more and more visitors from it.

Social media sites allows you to create an id or profile of your and communicate with your friends and post something related to you or any other news those are shown to your friends on social media sites.

So e-commerce sites easily promote their products through social media sites. And more people see their product that increases the chance of profit for the e-commerce site. So these are some things about social media and how they are beneficial for e-commerce sites.

Social Media Helps In E-commerce Advertising

Social Media Helps In E-commerce Advertising

E-commerce Advertising
E-commerce Advertising

Social media sites are very popular in current generation; everywhere peoples are using social media sites very much for different purposes. As the main intention behind the invention of social media sites are to increase the social relationship among peoples throughout the world. But in later time when a very big popular was involved in it, and then it provides a very good scope for business organizations to increase the brand name by advertising.

The e-commerce technology also gets very much benefits from social media sites. As thousands and millions of people are using social media sites so e-commerce gets a huge market to sell the products and services. Now days every e-commerce sites are focussing on social media advertising and getting very much positive results from it.

Social media sites allows to create a profile of your now and makes friend over internet, so any one can easily create an id of his and promote his business through it.

As millions of people accessing social media sites every day so your ads can reach to millions of people and all people get knowledge about your organization that increase your customers and alternatively your profit.

E-commerce sites use social media sites to promote the products available with them. Those increases the posibility of more products are selling in less time.

So these how social media helps in advertising of e-commerce sites.