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What are the top five instant messaging applications for smartphones are available right now?

Instant messaging apps have completely transformed the way we converse with each other. While SMS messaging was once the most well-liked way to stay connected, it is nowadays considered outdated. On the other hand, these messaging apps offer a range of features that allow users to interact in real time and share different types of media files.

Here is a brief look at the top 5 instant messaging applications for smartphones that are available right now.


WhatsApp is currently one of the world’s most extensively used mobile messaging apps. The app offers a range of useful features such as remarkably easy installation and setup, automatic syncing with all phone contacts as well as feature-rich and ad-free user experience. Such facts combine together to make WhatsApp an extremely popular messaging app for mobiles. The users can send photos, text, voice and even short video clips to the contacts in their WhatsApp friend list. The app also continuously adds various new features to it, like emoji and fully encrypted messaging options between the WhatsApp users. As the app requires phone functionality, it won’t function on all devices. Although once WhatsApp used to come with a subscription fee, now the fee has been waived off completely and it’s free.


Viber is a mobile messaging application for Android and iOS and it is easy to install and use the app. It offers a range of options that makes communication easier. Viber uses the user’s phone number as the login. The app also syncs with the phone to help seek all Viber-using contacts. The Viber app can be used for sending text, emoticons, stickers, photos, voice messages and video messages to all other Viber users. The services offered by Viber are all available for free. The Viber Out option allows users to call non-Viber numbers as well as landline phones worldwide in exchange for a fee. Viber has also recently introduced secured encrypted messaging features along with color-coded icon that indicates chat encryption and security. A user will need phone functionality and a SIM card to chat with Viber.

Top five instant messaging applications for smartphones
Top five instant messaging applications for smartphones


Telegram is a mobile messaging app that is particularly aimed at all security conscious users. Telegram features encrypted and fast chat messaging features, with top notch client-server encryption that comes with all standard chats. The Secure Chat mode offers end-to-end encryption to make sure that only the two users involved can read it. The messages can even be set to self-destruct. It also allows users to share documents and videos and also participate in extensive group chats consisting of 200 users.

Google Allo

Google has come up with a very user friendly messaging app that allows people to make the best of AI assistant functions that comes with traditional SMS and chat features. Google Allo is made for Android and iOS and comes with common mobile messaging features like chat, stickers, photo messaging, emoji, and also a doodle cum annotation tool for images. However, the addition that makes this app stand out from all others is Google Assistant, an AI-powered assistant that is capable of suggesting quick messaging replies and find information that is relevant to the chat conversations, like the weather report, nearby restaurants and more. The app also offers an Incognito chat mode which offers end-to-end encryption along with self-destructing messages and private notifications.


WeChat is the mobile chat application that literally dominates the Chinese web mobile market with nearly 700 million users. WeChat offers users with excellent free mobile messaging facilities, group chat, video calls and voice calls, multimedia messaging (video, images, stickers, audio, etc). WeChat also includes numerous quirky features like “People Nearby”, “Friend Radar,” and “Shake” in order to find new people quickly to chat with.

How Google will engage your involvement in shopping with the help of new search result display policy?

As businesses it is always important to keep acquiring new customers on a regular basis in order to stay in the hunt for as long as may be possible. It is the responsibility of the companies to make sure that their products and services are working, that they are giving people what they want. There could be a few users of your product who are paying a lot of money or there may be thousands of people who are visiting your store and website without paying any money. It does not matter how you get customers and then keep them. All that matters is that you do so.

Being ready for the customers

However, organizations really need to ask themselves – are they ready for the customers that they are looking to get? They need to see if their teams are really equipped to handle a glut of users heading straight for their products and services. Moreover, they need to be able to evaluate their promotional strategy and its overall worth. Are they going to use the public relations methods that have been used traditionally or are they looking for inbound marketing? The first hard question that needs to be asked in this regard is if their product is ready to be bought by the user.

Judging the product quality vis-à-vis the buyers

Mark Zuckerberg has a famous quote – “move fast and break things”. For some startups this could be very-useful advice. However, when it comes to acquiring customers this might not be the soundest advice. It is always better to give customers the respect that they deserve. You must have spent plenty of time in developing your product. You should also devote a similar time in order to acquire consumers for the same. The strategy needs to be thought out with plenty of care and consideration.

Google will engage your involvement in shopping
Google will engage your involvement in shopping

Shopping today

Shopping is one aspect of our lives that has been impacted the most because of the technological advancements that we see around ourselves today. In fact, most of the tools that you use for shopping now may become obsolete five years down the line. Right now could be the best time to be a shopper. You have so much information around you that a wrong decision feels like a criminal act. The prices are so transparent that it is perfect and you are getting flooded with special offers every now and then. The retailers on the other hand may be experiencing nightmares right now.

How are the retailers feeling right now?

There are already plenty of names in the United States of America such as Tower Records, Linens ’n Things, Circuit City, and Borders that have fallen by the wayside. More are expected to follow suit quite soon. The retail sector experiences such disruption every five decades or so. 150 years back the modern departmental store came into being because of increase of railroad networks as well as spurt of big cities across the United States of America. 50 years after this we saw the automobile industry that spurted out cars by the millions.

History of retail sector 

This was followed 50 years later by shopping malls that were full of specialty retailers. They were mainly there in the suburbs that were forming slowly at that time. They posed a major challenge the departmental stores that were operating in the cities. Discount chains such as Kmart and Wal-Mart started to spread around during the 60s and 70s. They were followed by what were known as the big-box category killers such as Home Depot and Circuit City. All these either transformed or undermined the old malls.

Why Android Smartphones are Used Largely in Comparison with iOS and Windows enable Smartphones?

For past few years, there has been a continuous battle between three gigantic mobile operating systems- Android, iOS and Windows. Undoubtedly, Android is still leading in this competition, though iOS is not far behind yet Windows can change the game for certainty at anytime. We all know that in terms of sophistication and performance, iOS is way ahead than its other two competitors, but when comes to popularity why the statistics say otherwise? There are quite many factors behind this. Let us discuss them here in this article in a language which can be comprehended by one and all.

 Usability and Affordability

India has been a prime target of all kinds of industries because it has a huge market base. Talk about hospitality, retail, FMCG- all big names are in a rush to make foothold in India. This enormous customer-base is the USP of Indian market. And this is where iOS lags behind than Android. iOS is used only in iPhones which is costly. And the fact is, though India has one of the hugest smartphone markets in the world, most of its users cannot afford Apple products. There will be huge queues in front of the Apple stores every time it launches a new version of iPhone or Macbook or any of the products.

Still it cannot beat the combined market of Samsung, Lenovo, Macromax, and so on. These phones come in all price ranges, thus can be afforded by students to people from low income group. A new first hand Android smartphone can be bought for Rs 4500 and with a limited internet package it is quite affordable. On the contrary, even the oldest iPhone will cost you no less than Rs 20,000 if not more.

Android Smartphones are Largely Used  than Others
Android Smartphones are Largely Used than Others

On the other hand, mobile phone giant Nokia which almost vanished after Android came into the picture, resurfaced with Windows 10. In terms of affordability, it is within reach of most of the customers. Nokia has enjoyed a goodwill of long lasting and sturdy handsets and hardcore Nokia lover will go for these phones, no matter what operating system is installed. Most used apps in India are WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Dropbox and they are compatible with Windows 10 as well, but when it comes to receiving updates on these apps, it still lacks the speed as well as smoothness of other two operating systems.

User-friendly Interface

The interface of iOS is too sophisticated. It is so direct that it is difficult to mess up. On the contrary, Android is complicated when compared to Apple’s product. But people in India would rather prefer this complicated interface because they can handle it better. If you talk to a senior citizen who regularly uses a smartphone to stay connected with children living abroad, he would vouch for an Android phone because even if anything goes wrong with it, it can be fixed conveniently. But most of them would be too scared and cautious while using iPhones and iPad because if it is messed up, it will cost quite a fortune in fixing it. It is same with Windows phones as well. Though they don’t cost much, but they are obviously not user friendly and apps lack all the features.

That section of the society which uses Apple products would always regard Android or Windows as their poor cousin, but unfortunately, this is a very small section when you compare it to the Android market. The features are limitless in this operating system. It is affordable and easy to use. Smartphone is something we use every day in almost every chore of our life and Android fits the bill just too perfectly.

Mark Zuckerberg Created his assistant named Jarvis

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, CEO and co-founder of Social Media giant Facebook, created an artificial intelligence assistant Robot. The robot Jarvis can work on appliances control, music playing, face recognition and also can entertain Mark’s toddler. Mark says he just invest 100 hours to put Jarvis together. Famous Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman given his voice for the robot.

Zuckerberg on the occasion of Jarvis announcement
Zuckerberg on the occasion of Jarvis announcement

WhatsApp to stop support for older version phones by end of this year

As per recent news update world’s number one texting service provider ‘Whatsapp’ to stop support for older version smart phones by the end of this year. For this reason number of smart phone users will affect to use their phones for texting. Presently, Whatsapp supports all types of mobile phone’s like iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Nokia Symbian 60-phones. As per recent announcement they will stop to provide service for older version of Android, iPhone, Nokia and Windows Phone 7 by end of 2016. Also they pointed out some version of operating system they will provide some extension service like for BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, Nokia S40 and Nokia Symbian S60 until June 30, 2017. It’s very sad for Android users who are uses older version of handsets with  Android 2.1 and Android 2.2. Because, in those version of OS will net get support from Whatsapp after 31st December, 2016.

Older Version of Mobile Phones under threat of Whatsapp
Older Version of Mobile Phones under threat of Whatsapp

Panic Button: A new technology updates on Smart Phones

Now a brand new technology update is needed to the smart phone makers to help protect women. Every cell phone sold in India from the coming year onwards will have to characteristic “a panic button” constituted to the numbers 5 or 9 on the keypad of ordinary phones. The panic button will be prompted if you press and hold one of those two numbers. It’s not clear which government or police agency will obtain the alert yet.

To assemble the new requisites, every phone maker including giants like Apple and Samsung will have to write software for India that contains the panic button arrangement. Apple is known to assist with governments for country-precise characteristics. For example, it has eradicated its FaceTime app (for audio and video chats) from its products sold in the UAE.


While Apple can add the panic button requisites via a reasonably easy software update, the condition is much more difficult in the Android camp because of the humongous number of companies that make Android phones and use Google’s operating application.

Another area of worry is whether this could holdup the launch of certain phones in India. Many smart phones are launched in the US or China before they enter in India. Adding a extra panic button to Indian options of the phone – even if it’s done via software application- could boost the time these companies take to commence their handsets in India.

Top 10 Sites every tech employee should read daily

In the revolving world, we need to keep learning daily to cope with other part of the world. Daily we have some changes on different technical products like new android version, IE now switched to Edge browser etc.


So we need to gain knowledge and help our organization regularly. Best part is keep learning improves our own strength in our job and out side world. We can get knowledge from many sources but from them we may not get actual data. So we world suggest you to read from proper channels.

List of best sources for technical knowledge are:

  1. Tech :
  2. Social Media :
  3. Technical:
  4. Gadget News:
  5. SEO updates:
  6. SEO discussion:
  7. Startup help:
  8. HR helps:
  9. Health care technical:
  10. Branding:

How to Capture Trends in Blogs and Improve Traffic

First step
go to

You will get the global as well as national trending topics and hot searches here. If you can, then write an article on a hot search or a viral video within one hour of it trending. Make sure you are hyperlinking the video as well as linking key pages of your services to certain keywords on the blog.

Second step
Create tiny snippets:one sentence, one creative and a bit link for all posts and publish across platforms.

Invest 300 a day to start with on Facebook, do it for five days, ride this wave to bring in traffic to your blog , once you have hit 2000+ visitors and got 5000+ likes, stop investing. Make sure your blog is ready before your Facebook ad investment.

Next step
Ensure you are publishing some content on your blog everyday and updating information on your website at least 3 to 4 times a week

Note: To ensure the right kind of traffic that has your target audience, it is critical what you choose when creating your Facebook promotion/ad.

Google Trends Helps to Get More Traffic
                       Google Trends Helps to Get More Traffic

5 Reasons Your Content Strategy is failing you

Multi-media, multi-channel content strategies take much more time and energy that companies are ready to dedicate today. There are reasons smaller brands are overtaking established players when it comes to social media and online brand management. We will not get into the discussion of how much of this converts into actual sales but rather look at effectiveness of the content strategy as the most important criterion. So what are the key challenges for companies looking to make a mark online? And how does one get the content right?

The most critical aspect of content is planning. The key things you need to plan out before publishing anything are- who will read it? why will they read it? am i selling or am i spreading awareness? does this elicit a response? what demographic will find this interesting? where will this be published?

Once you have answered these questions, it is essential to implement a process that aligns all your content to your brand image. This is a rather tedious job for anyone who his not a startup as it can often involve an audit of all existing marketing material and standardising it. There are chances that your management may find this a futile exercise but not doing this is one of the biggest reasons your content strategy has not worked for you the way you wanted it to.

The second biggest reason for mid sized companies to fail in their content strategies is their preference for SEO over content quality. SEO firms were hard sellers a couple of years ago and some brands fell prey for their cheap tactics to put the site higher up on Google. The reason why the strategy fails you is that Google is constantly on the lookout to create technology that values the quality of the content rather than the frequency and usage of the keywords. While there is this constant tug between SEO firms and Google, the latter is likely to emerge as the winner in the long run. It is critical that companies are on the right side at the time.

Plan your content
Content Marketing

There is too much content on the internet and we don’t know who is publishing. The main culprit are the content generation companies who are constantly reacting to trending topics and news and churning out senseless repetitive content that only drives traffic and increases ad revenue. For companies dedicated to piling up the internet with trashy content, this is a rather profitable idea but if you are a company who needs to stay relevant, adding too much content could be a serious mistake. Simple, readable, streamlined content is what is selling today and if your content is anything else, it is failing you.

Mid and small sized companies that are more than ten years old often find themselves struggling to create a multi-channel presence or create a solid multi-media marketing foundation. This is often due to lower marketing budgets, lack of access to quality agencies and above all the reluctance of the board to outsource digital. While it is worth hiring experts and getting it done, a multi-media-multi-channel strategy needs partners who can execute at a scale that your brand needs.

Finally, the biggest advantage of the online space today is the opportunity it provides to share knowledge and best practices. Whitepapers, case studies, thought leadership content, blogs, brochures and other marketing communication materials are gaining ground by the day mainly due to the fact that companies no longer need to hide their internal strategies and innovations and know that sharing it with the world is a far more effective strategy. For brands who are not focusing on these materials, it would be a rather tricky road ahead, as the demand for research driven content rises globally.