Does your data safe on the Internet?


Everyone of you must heard of Facebook’s data sharing scandal which break the internet. Does it really matter to you? if Yes, how do you make sure your DATA remain safe on the large internet databases.

Keep Online Data Safe

What is Meaning of Data for common Internet User?

Yes. Data for a normal INTERNET User can be any information which can be store or pass to other person.  Below are few examples of Digital data which he/ she does not think important enough but remember these can put him/ her in trouble.

  • Photographs on Social Media Websites
  • Emails
  • Phone numbers in a Smartphone
  • Many More …..  Which user doesn’t think about privacy during sharing them.

FACT: You can be in trouble if not use internet with caution.

Let us prepare a list of Item or actions we do each day on Web. Suggest me if i missed any.

  1. Checking Email
  2. Spending time on Facebook
  3. Tweet on Tweeter
  4. Use Whatsapp to send messages to friends

We have just covered Data Privacy Risk for General Public, but do you know the risk involve on daily work for a Corporate Office and Employees.

We will go one by one in more details. Keep Patience and comeback for reading and share you views,