Five important Points for Better SEO Service Response


Five important Points for Better SEO Response

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is a process of optimizing your website’s ranking in order to increase the visibility of your website on search engines unpaid result list.
Every company want that their website will be displayed on the first position of search engines unpaid result list. So they try to optimize the structure of the website. Those people are doing the job are called Search engine optimizer.

Search engine optimizer doing many things to increase the ranking of the site. Some of the important steps of a search engine optimizer are listed below.
1. Keyword Research: Keyword Research is a very important thing while you are doing SEO work. People those searching for any products maximum of them; only use words for searching their products.
Example: if someone searching foot wares then he/she can search foot wears or shoes, if you only use single word on your site they you may miss the targeted customers those are interested on foot wares. So it is very important to do good research on keyword and put all related keywords according to your website.

This is literally the most important part of on-page SEO. Keywords are the things Search engines like Google pick up from the title tags and meta descriptions of your web page. If they are identical , then google will show your page on their results. A few years ago this process was really easy. You could just put the appropriate keywords at the right places and your website would get a higher rankings. But with the rising competition everyone is doing the same thing that’s why. You need to choose very carefully what keywords to use to increase traffic while avoiding competition at the same time.

You also need to avoid place a lot of key words at the same place and using the same keyword multiple times just to attract visitors. This will result in demotion of your website according to google’s latest algorithm. And also if visitors see only keywords and couldn’t find what they are looking for they will leave right away which will tell google that something is wrong with that web page and then google will not show that web page to other visitors .

For Free keyword Research Use these most effective tools.

  • Google Web Master- tells you for what keywords which of your pages are getting traffic.
  • Google Ad words- tells you what keywords are getting more searches, Alternative keywords that you can use and Competition level.
  • Ubersuggest– tells you the number of searches keywords are getting, SEO difficulty and best possible keywords to use.

2. Good Quality Content: in SEO practice content is the king. If your website contains good contents then the popularity of your site increases among the visitors and search engine gives it a better rank. So good quality contents are very much essential for your website.

Do you know how google determines whether your content is good or not?

At first google indexes everything on your website and tries to understand it. When a user asks a question related to your website , google searches for specific keywords and then show them the results. At first it shows users results based on the contents and images it indexes but once visitors started entering google changes it’s approach based on the response of the visitors. Google determines the quality of content based on the time spent by the users. If the visitors are leaving your web page soon that means either they are not finding what they were looking for or the content is bad. In both cases Google will decide to demote your website as it is not helping the visitors. You need to keep helpful contents for the visitors.

After Google’s hummingbird update , it tends to shows single topic web pages rather than multi topic ones. It means google is now showing results which are in more detailed form. So what you need to do is write more stuff on one particular topic which you are focusing on. That will be make the visitors read your content fully and they will find everything on their query.
3. Navigation: The navigation of your website is very much important if your site is provide well navigation system then is it very easier for visitors and simultaneously for search engine also. So it is very important to maintain good navigation on your website.

Again, what it provides is a good user experience which is obviously the aim of every search engine. And also it will help search engines like Google to index your website and contents.

4. Social Media: Social media is very good, less expensive and easier way to increase popularity of your website. Now days millions of people are using social media so you can get more traffic through social media sites for you site.
5. Back link: It is also very important to increase the back link of your site to increase the ranking of your website. These are many social book marking sites are available through which you can increase the back link of your website.
So these are some points those can help you on increasing the ranking of your website to get sported on top position on search engines unpaid result list.

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