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Most of the marketer need email for communicating and send marketing campaigns. Because of that, we keep increasing our email database which helps us to grow in the market.

We did some research to build a complete list of the best available tools and tactics immediately get email addresses which available on public.

Collecting Email Addresses

There are multiple ways to increase email database:

  • Buy email database from some vendors available in the market.
  • Use free email subscriber took like Sumo or Hello Bar of Neil Patel.


Use Website to get email ids of the desired domain.

Let’s go more detail on Hunter.

How to Obtain Someone’s Email: Strategic Guessing To Find An Email Address. The free tool pulls any valid email addresses for your contact’s given name.

On the search box, you can enter a domain, and they will give you 100s emails.

Hunter website has multiple plans also for you according to your need. But you can Signup Free and start using for life.

Hope this will help you to increase your user base.

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