Google’s new App Allo will change future of communication . Do you Agree?


We all are slave of internet and some apps or chat bots will control our future. Are we moving towards a new phase of artificial intelligence.

Google released a new App called Allo which will have multiple features and most importantly this will work as a virtual assistant. You can do everything you want and take help of assistant.

All we have been doing is exploiting nature and earn money by hoodwinking others.

We know we are getting use to these Apps and becoming slaves. but is there any way we can hide from them. Big NO, we have to use them and go with the flow of modern technology.

Some of our friends told we are creating weapons, some where he read below:
One asked” that planet has so many hardware floating around it. Seems to be habituated by an advance race”. The other replied”no it doesn’t look like an advance race. Because all the hardware you see are weapons pointed to themselves”

It’s a part of Evolution….Humans to Humanoids is the next Phase of Evolution….And since it’s a part of Evolution it cannot be stopped…

Some says:

Don’t worry about us..Worry about our kids who can’t Live without a smartphone…it has become a medium…of enjoyment…and also a pain relief for parents.(Me Too)… This generation is going into digital Slavery….And we as Adults will end up watching it unfold before our eyes…

One day will come when instead of you and me talking the google assistants will chat on our behalf and make plans and then inform us…imagine what will be our reaction?

Some of the websites even said delete it and never use it, because google will store your data and you may be at risk. But i am not finding any way to stop using these superb apps which helps me on my daily task.

Either ways we are not safe as Google now controls almost all our data…and FB knows what emotions you are in…and LinkedIn shows your work profile…

A lot more discussion to come.. Keep Reading ( Content Source: Our Whatsapp Group)


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