How to Capture Trends in Blogs and Improve Traffic


First step
go to

You will get the global as well as national trending topics and hot searches here. If you can, then write an article on a hot search or a viral video within one hour of it trending. Make sure you are hyperlinking the video as well as linking key pages of your services to certain keywords on the blog.

Second step
Create tiny snippets:one sentence, one creative and a bit link for all posts and publish across platforms.

Invest 300 a day to start with on Facebook, do it for five days, ride this wave to bring in traffic to your blog , once you have hit 2000+ visitors and got 5000+ likes, stop investing. Make sure your blog is ready before your Facebook ad investment.

Next step
Ensure you are publishing some content on your blog everyday and updating information on your website at least 3 to 4 times a week

Note: To ensure the right kind of traffic that has your target audience, it is critical what you choose when creating your Facebook promotion/ad.

Google Trends Helps to Get More Traffic
Google Trends Helps to Get More Traffic

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