HTML 5 and its Advantages


HTML 5 and its Advantages


HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language. The HTML is a programming language, which is used to create WebPages. HTML5 is the higher version of HTML. It is a core technology mark-up language. This language is used for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web or for creating high quality WebPages. As HTML 5 is the higher Version of THML, it provides many advantages over HTML. Some of the advantages are:

HTML 3D Illustration

  1. HTML 5 Provides Mutuality.
  2. In HTML 5 Codes are very improved.
  3. In HTML 5 Semantics are very Improved.
  4. Elegant forms are used in HTML 5.
  5. THML 5 is more Consistent than HTML.
  6. In HTML 5 Improved Accessibility concept is used.
  7. HTML 5 Fulfil the need of Web application.
  8. HTML 5 provides Offline Application cache.
  9. HTML 5 provides Client-side database.
  10. HTML 5 supports Geo location support.

These are some benefits of HTML 5 over HTML.


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