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Email marketing and Advantages of Email Marketing

Email marketing and Advantages of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a process of doing marketing of goods or services through email. In email marketing a commercial message was send to a group of people through email. Through this broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer. Email marketing is a process through which sellers send ads, business request, or solicit sales or donations, and also email marketing build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness among consumers.

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Email marketing is a very easier and cheaper way of doing business in Internet. For every company those are providing goods and services, all needs consumers and consumer’s needs trustable and best goods and service providers. Advertising is a best way of providing all information about the product and the company. So that consumer gets attracted towards the product and alternatively the growth of the company increases.

Email marketing is a process in which an email or electronic mail send to many peoples in targeted locality for attracting them toward the product. In the email sender provides an impressive description about the product and the service those are provided by the company and send the email to many peoples in all over the world.

Email marketing
Email marketing

Advantages of email marketing are:

Email marketing technique is very easier, it don’t need rocket science to do email marketing, only simple knowledge about internet and email is sufficient to start email marketing.

Email marketing technique is very less costly rather than all other types of marketing techniques.

These two are main reasons behind the popularity of email marketing.


Advertising Through Internet

Advertising Through Internet:

Advertising is a popular concept in the field of creating a brand image. This concept of advertising of a product or company provides effective result that it capable of creating a good positive image of a company and its products. So this advertising concept is very much helpful in the development of a business or organization. Because this is a concept through which people create a brand image of their company. That is advertising of a product create popularity of that product among the consumers, so the consumers purchase that product and alternatively it provides benefit to company or organization.

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Because of the various advantages of this advertising technique, business organizations using this advertising technique for advertising their products from many years. Business organizations prefer all kinds of things those are available for advertising. Like news paper, magazine, radio, television and internet etc. in old day’s companies make posters of their company and products and stick them on retail shops and other places of a city, mostly companies chose those places where more people are visiting every day, like bus stops, local weekly market, move hall and other popular places. By this technique these companies observe that the business of their company increases. So they try to made advertisement of their company and product in every possible way.


Nowadays many people using internet for various purposes, like for getting knowledge about a particular topic, sending mail to friends or to others, doing business, paying bills through online banking system these all and many more thing are done by internet by these days, so alternatively we can say cores of people using internet in present time, so it is a very good opportunity for business organizations to made their advertisement of their company and products through internet.

Internet Marketing

There are various ways of making advertising through internet:-

1. Social media advertising.

2. E-mail advertising.

3. Mobile advertising.

4. Online classified advertising etc.