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Reasons behind the Popularity of “Facebook”

Reasons behind the Popularity of “Facebook”


Facebook is an online social networking service or a popular social networking site. Now days this is the number one social networking site of the world with 900,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors and day by day the number of visitors increasing.

Now a question comes why this social networking site is so popular?

The reasons behind the popularity of facebook are that, its user friendly architecture, easy to access, better use in any platform etc.

As there are many others social networking sites are present but facebook is easier to use compared to others and it provides better services. You can use facebook on any platforms easily may be on windows, Android, iOS etc on all platforms facebook is very easy to use.

The image, text and video uploading format of facebook is very advance and easier and also the instance chatting or messaging system. People fells very easy to use facebook rather than other social networking sites so day by day the popularity of facebook increasing day by day and people of all age and gender using facebook in all over the world.

So these are some things about the popularity of facebook.

Top Social Media Sites Those Are, Best for Social Media Marketing

Top Social Media Sites Those Are, Best for Social Media Marketing

Social Media Sites
Social Media Sites

Social media sites are now days become very popular and millions of people in all over the globe using these sites. Social media sites allow users to create profiles of their own and through that profile they can communicate with their friends and family members in a very easy way.

Social media sites allow people to communicate with friends and family members over internet by text messaging, through audio or video chatting. So users feel very easy and using the social media sites.

As millions of people are using social media sites so these sites are creates an opportunity for business organizations to promoting their products. For marketing their products or advertising their business, social media sites are becomes very good platform.

These are many social media sites are present in all over the world, but these are some social media sites those creates a unique identification among the people. Some of the top social media sites are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Pinterest
  5. Google Plus+
  6. Tumblr
  7. Instagram
  8. VK
  9. Flickr
  10. Vine