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Five Important use of Internet

Five Important use of Internet

The concept of Internet comes after Network. A network is nothing but a combination of more than one system. When two or more computers are connected with each other for sharing information, data and resources, then we call the whole system a network.

Internet is an essential thing for us in current days. The Internet is nothing but a collection of computer networks; those are interconnected with each other globally to share data, information and resources. So we can say Internet is a big network that combines many networks within it. Internet use the standard Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link several billion devices example computers, laptops, mobile devices and other devices worldwide.

Uses of Internet
                                                                                                                                                            Uses of Internet

Now days people in all over the world very much use the Internet for different works in day today life. Some of the best uses of Internet are:

  1. Easier Communication: we can communicate with our friends and families with in less time and in a better way by using internet. E-mail, Skype and social media sites like facebook and other allows us to create and profile on internet and use that profile to communicate with our friends in an easier way. Also this is very less expensive process so people everywhere like this very much.
  2. Best for Research: as internet is connected with many computers and a host or server concept was there on which a huge amount of data and information are stored, so internet is the best way of getting or acquiring knowledge about any topic. So it is best for doing any kind of research work.
  3. Provides Better Education: Internet is a huge collection of information, here many kinds of books and journals and blogs are available those provides many valuable knowledge to you. So internet is best for education and another thing is now days distance education in different fields are available through internet from good universities, so it is provide better chance for students to get better education through internet.
  4. Online Money Transfer: online money transfer technology can only possible because of internet; the online money transaction is such a technology that is very much helpful for people in all over t5he world. Now days across the world many people are using this technology and getting benefits from it.
  5. Real Time Updates: the real time updates facility of the internet is such a feature that is very helpful for people, through the real time updates people can know all things those are currently happening, may be it from thousands of miles distance from them.

These are some uses of internet those are very important for us.

Computer Network And Internet

Computer Network And Internet

 Computer Network
                                                                                                                      Computer Network

A computer network or also known as a data network is basically a telecommunications network which allows computers to exchange data among each other. In a computer network, these are some networked computing devices those pass data to each other along network links or data connections. In digital world data is transferred in the form of packets, (the packets are the small units of data).

The end points those are communicating with each other are called nodes. The connections between nodes are established by using either cable media or by using wireless media. The best-known computer network which is very popular among peoples in all over the world is the Internet.

Internet is a node to node communication system. Nodes can include hosts such as personal computers, phones, servers as well as networking hardware and others. These are only two devices are said to be networked together when one device is able to exchange information with the other device, whether or not they have a direct connection to each other.

After the invention of computer network the growth of this increases day by day. These are many advantages of this technology provide to us, so people in current scenario like this technology very much.

Internet is the most popular network that we all know. Internet now days very important for our life style. Almost every type of things is now days we can access through internet. Social media, internet banking, e-commerce are possible due to internet only, so it is very important for us.

Advertising Through Internet

Advertising Through Internet:

Advertising is a popular concept in the field of creating a brand image. This concept of advertising of a product or company provides effective result that it capable of creating a good positive image of a company and its products. So this advertising concept is very much helpful in the development of a business or organization. Because this is a concept through which people create a brand image of their company. That is advertising of a product create popularity of that product among the consumers, so the consumers purchase that product and alternatively it provides benefit to company or organization.

Online-Advertising (1)

Because of the various advantages of this advertising technique, business organizations using this advertising technique for advertising their products from many years. Business organizations prefer all kinds of things those are available for advertising. Like news paper, magazine, radio, television and internet etc. in old day’s companies make posters of their company and products and stick them on retail shops and other places of a city, mostly companies chose those places where more people are visiting every day, like bus stops, local weekly market, move hall and other popular places. By this technique these companies observe that the business of their company increases. So they try to made advertisement of their company and product in every possible way.


Nowadays many people using internet for various purposes, like for getting knowledge about a particular topic, sending mail to friends or to others, doing business, paying bills through online banking system these all and many more thing are done by internet by these days, so alternatively we can say cores of people using internet in present time, so it is a very good opportunity for business organizations to made their advertisement of their company and products through internet.

Internet Marketing

There are various ways of making advertising through internet:-

1. Social media advertising.

2. E-mail advertising.

3. Mobile advertising.

4. Online classified advertising etc.