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Why Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an essential thing for any web promotion strategy?

When it comes to the effective marketing and promotion of a business, it is highly significant at the present time to have a well developed website that can serve as a portal of communication between the business owners and their patrons. However, it is not just enough to invest in creating a website for a business. A company should also promote the website in the most effective way so that it enjoys the maximum level of traffic. This is something that can be achieved with the help of search engine marketing. Having a result driven search engine marketing strategy can create new leads and boost the number of conversions within a given period. Compared to many other means or types of advertising and marketing techniques, search engine marketing is often very cost effective. It is due to this reason that most business firms nowadays focus on availing high end Search Engine Marketing or SEM services.

With the help of search engine marketing, it is possible for companies to increase the value and effectiveness of their web promotion strategy to a great extent. The website of the business owner can have maximum exposure in the online world through search engine marketing and this can increase the number of visitors that it has within a specific period of time. Since organic search rankings can be availed free of cost, the search engines can be used by the business owner to effectively discover the business based on specific keywords. This can make it easier for the target audience to discover the site and boost its traffic. There are different forms of search engine marketing methods, such as pay pre click marketing and organic search engine optimization that can be used in unique ways to get the attention of the target customers.

Essential Thing Search Engine Marketing
Essential Thing Search Engine Marketing

Here are some of the common SEM methods that are used by the various business firms and their websites.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of applying specific techniques for maximizing a site’s ranking in the organic or the natural search results. The organic search results represent the rankings of the web pages that are showed by search engines when people search for some specific phrase or word, also known as a “keyword phrase” or a “keyword”.

Local Search

Local search results are important to businesses that mainly cater to a specific market that is focused locally, instead of nationally or internationally. Business firms that mainly cater to the locals can easily get listed by the cities in the search engines and directories. The people staying in the local area can easily find the business through the local search results as they appear in the search engines. This can help the business firm to beat local competition and boost profits.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay Per Click Advertising is a method of placing adverts for a website with the leading search engines like Google or Yahoo. The ads are published by a site that gets a payment from the client site based on the number of clicks that the ad generates. The amount that the client website is willing to pay for per click is decided in advance. The more is the amount of the bid, the higher is the ad going to appear in search engine results. In the recent times, Google AdWords has also implemented another factor that determines the ranking of the adverts. This is based on relevancy or importance of the ad that Google puts on the site. This is a factor that is rather difficult to control or manipulate. PPC ads are known to deliver fast results.

What are the social media platforms commonly used in Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

As far as social media optimization is concerned Facebook ranks right up there as the very-best option that you have in this regard. It has at least 1.59 billion users. As far as social platforms are concerned it makes up the largest demographic blend. It gives your business a fantastic medium where you can get in touch with your customers – existing and prospective – all across the world.

As far as advertising is concerned, managing Facebook is the easiest thing to do. Facebook also provides you the best platform to target people. Facebook ads can be used to match its current buyers with more than two million similar prospects that have the same characteristics. They are then taken to an opt-in page where their name and emails can be captured.


Twitter is one platform where your posts have the potential to go viral. When people share your posts and your content is re-tweeted you are likely to gain more followers. Most of the times companies share their recent news, articles, and updates that they normally upload on other major media channels. If you use hash tags you can have a major difference in building momentum for what you are posting on the platform.

So, when you are posting on Twitter you need to be aware of the topics that are trending on the micro-blogging platform. You need to include hash tags that are relevant in the present context. Quite often you can also re-tweet people with many followers as in that case some of those followers may follow you as well.

Commonly used Social Media platforms for SMO


In case you are working in a field that can be classed as being a business-to-business (B2B) one, you can do worse than use LinkedIn for social media optimization. In this regard LinkedIn is what your focus should be on. LinkedIn is the best platform to connect with professionals from various industries. You can easily target them using categories such as job title, and industry to name a few. Just like any other social media platforms building relationships is the main priority on this platform as well. You should prioritize building connections as opposed to starting off with a sales pitch.

LinkedIn Groups is one of the best features that you can have with regards to businesses. As a business you should establish groups that come within your niche category – you can invite others as well. These people must be there in the target market. Companies that have been successful in this regard normally focus on building new relationships with the best prospects. They normally work by identifying the professional titles of the people in question.


As a photo-sharing platform Instagram happens to be really popular – in fact the most popular. A lot of companies use this platform at tradeshows and events as part of their social media optimization strategy. When they host events they provide incentives to attendees to post photos on Instagram and use the hash tag for the event. At times, raffles and other free giveaways are also provided to people who take part in such events.


You should only use Pinterest when you have some fantastic images to share. This site has the capability to make high-quality images go viral and much of this can be credited to its visual nature. In case your image happens to be pinned by a member who is highly followed it can potentially be viewed by millions of people. It is also a great platform for promoting products. There are several companies that post photos of images and book covers that have quotes. These quotes are attributed to their authors and this helps in promoting their books.

You can also use Yelp and YouTube for social media optimization work.