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Social Networking Sites, Help Small Business to Grow Fast

Social Networking Sites, Help Small Business to Grow Fast

Social Media Sites
Social Media Sites

Social networking sites are very much helpful in connecting people with each other in all over the world. In current scenario millions of people are using various social networking sites, so it is very easy to share your thoughts with millions of people through social networking sites.

Social networking technology creates a very good opportunity for small business organizations to increase their growth by advertising their product and brand in very less cost.

As social networking sites allows to create a profile of your own and sharing anything that you want, so you can create a social id of your business and share it with millions of people those are using social media sites.

Also you can get more ideas from social networking sites regarding your business and you can implement those ideas in development of your business, so social media sites are very much helpful in development of small business.

Some important and popular social media sites are: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Impact of E-commerce on Supply Chain Management

Impact of E-commerce on Supply Chain Management

E-commerce Technology
E-commerce Technology

Electronic commerce or E-commerce is commonly known as a technique trading in products or services by using computer networks, such as the Internet etc. Now days this E-commerce technology helps many business organizations in maximizing their profit by optimizing in supply chain management system.
Before the E-commerce technology, companies had been faced troubled by using the supply chain technology, however, the emergence of e-commerce has provided a more practical and effective way of delivering the benefits of the new supply chain technologies that increase the profits of the organizations.


Supply Chain Management SystemAC
Supply Chain Management SystemAC

E-commerce is such a technology has the capability to integrate all inter-company and intra-company functions together, meaning that the three flows (physical flow, financial flow and information flow) of the supply chain could be also affected by the e-commerce technology. The effects of physical flows improved the way of product and inventory movement level for different companies or organizations. For the flows of information, e-commerce optimised the capacity of information processing system than companies used to have, and for the financial flows, e-comers allows companies to have more efficient payment system and settlement solutions that changes the whole way of supply chain system.

So, the e-commerce has a more sophisticated level of impact on supply chains management system. This is the reason why most of the companies now days preferring the E-commerce technology.
So these are some things about E-commerce and supply chain management system.

Why Social Media Advertising Is Very Much Suitable For Small Business

Why Social Media Advertising Is Very Much Suitable For Small Business

start social media
Social Media in Small buiness

Social media advertising is very much suitable for small business because the social media advertisement don’t need much more amount of money, here in social media advertisement in very less amount of money and in less time very big response are achieved, so this is suitable for small business organizations those don’t have much money for spending for advertisement.

Let’s discuss about some benefits that social media advertising provides to small business organizations.

Top 5 social media tools and how to use them

  1. Very cheaper: First thing is the social media advertising is very much cheaper than other traditional advertising techniques, so social media advertising is affordable by small business organizations.
  2. Help in establishing brand name: The social media advertising creates a brand name for your company, which is very much helpful in development of your business, so social media advertising is very much suitable for small business.
  3. Increase sales and profit: social media advertising increases the visibility of your products and attract customers towards your company’s product, so people purchase more products of your company that increase the sales of your company and your company gets more profit.
  4. Help in improving customer service: social media advertising helps in customers services, through this social media advertising you can directly communicate with your consumers so you can solvers the problems of your consumers in a better way, that increase the quality of customers service of your company.
  5. Help in staying connected with clients: Through social media sites you can directly communicate with your clients at any time, so social media advertising helps you in staying connected with your client in a better way.

So these are some reasons why social media advertising is very much suitable for small business.

Why Small Companies Should Be On Social Media?

Life without social media seems impossible. Not actually but we pretend to be that because the way social media has dominated over our daily life. Social media has become an element in the table of our daily routine. People across the world are so much connected with social Medias that it has change its purpose which basically stands for building relationship, rather it has become a most powerful marketing media.

Despite the traditional marketing rules and techniques now a day most of the companies are focusing much on social Medias irrespective of the size of the business. Presence on social media is giving a huge boost to the Small and medium size business to expand their business significantly.

start social media
Social Media for Small business

Benefits of Using Social media for Small Business

  • As you are a small company and your budget is limited then it needs no to little money to join facebook, Twitter or any other social media sites. Even you can have your own blog with very little cost.
  • What all you need to do is just open your business page on the social media sites and update it regularly with your activities which is easy and convenient enough that you don’t need to hire someone for doing this and anywhere anytime you can do it even with just a mobile phone.
  • Through social media you can get connected with millions of fans across the world and can reach out to your potential customers as well as can communicate with the customers.
  • It is easier to make your potential customers and customers inform about the details of your products or services, business address, opening hours through your business page on the social media sites.
  • Through a status update on social media you can make update your current customers and potential customers about your sales discount or any exciting prizes or business offers which can help developing your business. And also you can share your business photos, stories or any tips to get communicated with your customers.
  • From the comments on your photos and status updates on social Medias you can draw feedbacks and work on it if it is negative.
  • Customers can “check in” on facebook while they visit your shop which letting your business get promoted by the customers itself
  • Social media sites are available 24×7, fans and followers can view your page anytime they want which may result more traffic to your site. Facebook alone is capable of inducing 185% increase in website traffic.