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Top 5 Domain Name Providers in India

We are running toward complete internet age. To cope with the latest trend all businesses need a website for reputation and marketing which is a basic need now whether small or large organization.

To Build a Website we first need to book a domain name from the providers. Here are top 5 re-sellers sell domains in India in cheap price.

  1. Bigrock.in 
  2. Godaddy.com
  3. HostGator
  4. Bluehost.in
  5. Shopify

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Social Media Sites Brings People Together

 Social Media Sites Brings People Together

Social Media Brings People Together
                                                 Social Media Brings People Together

Peoples are in current scenario are spending more time in their work fields, so they can’t spend more time with their friends or families. That is created a distance between them and their friends and family members. This problem was solved by social media sites, as millions of people all over the world are using Internet in current days, so they can easily access social media networks for connecting with their friends or family members.
Social media sites are such platforms those are allowed us to create a profile of our over internet and use that profile to connect with our friends and relatives. We can communicate with our loved ones and stay connected with them. So we can say that social media sites bring people together.
Now days people going to different places for doing jobs some time they go to different countries, in these cases they can’t maintain the regular touch with their family members or with friends, but social media allows them for creating a connection with their friends over it.
Also people use this social media sites to create friends from other different locations as example one person from one country connected with a person of a different country through social media sites. They can communicate through chat, through graphics or videos that increase the knowledge of both and brings two cultures together.
So the social media sites play an important role in bringing people of different places together.

Why Small Companies Should Be On Social Media?

Life without social media seems impossible. Not actually but we pretend to be that because the way social media has dominated over our daily life. Social media has become an element in the table of our daily routine. People across the world are so much connected with social Medias that it has change its purpose which basically stands for building relationship, rather it has become a most powerful marketing media.

Despite the traditional marketing rules and techniques now a day most of the companies are focusing much on social Medias irrespective of the size of the business. Presence on social media is giving a huge boost to the Small and medium size business to expand their business significantly.

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Social Media for Small business

Benefits of Using Social media for Small Business

  • As you are a small company and your budget is limited then it needs no to little money to join facebook, Twitter or any other social media sites. Even you can have your own blog with very little cost.
  • What all you need to do is just open your business page on the social media sites and update it regularly with your activities which is easy and convenient enough that you don’t need to hire someone for doing this and anywhere anytime you can do it even with just a mobile phone.
  • Through social media you can get connected with millions of fans across the world and can reach out to your potential customers as well as can communicate with the customers.
  • It is easier to make your potential customers and customers inform about the details of your products or services, business address, opening hours through your business page on the social media sites.
  • Through a status update on social media you can make update your current customers and potential customers about your sales discount or any exciting prizes or business offers which can help developing your business. And also you can share your business photos, stories or any tips to get communicated with your customers.
  • From the comments on your photos and status updates on social Medias you can draw feedbacks and work on it if it is negative.
  • Customers can “check in” on facebook while they visit your shop which letting your business get promoted by the customers itself
  • Social media sites are available 24×7, fans and followers can view your page anytime they want which may result more traffic to your site. Facebook alone is capable of inducing 185% increase in website traffic.