Top Five Social Networking Sites in India

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Top Five Social Networking Sites in India

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Social Networking Sites are very much helpful to us in maintaining our social life. Due to the social networking site we can stay in touch with our friends and families in a better and easier way. So these social networking sites are very much important in current scenario.

These are many social networking sites are available now days but some of those are very much popular and millions of people are using these sites in current scenario. Top ten social networking sites are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ or Google Plus+.

Social Media Sites
Social Media Sites

Let us discuss about these five social networking sites.

  1. Facebook: Now days Facebook is number one social networking site. These are 900,000,000 Unique Visitors are visiting on this site very month.
  2. Twitter: Twitter is another popular social networking site here 310,000,000 Unique peoples are visiting every month. This is the second most popular social networking site in India.
  3. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is also very popular social networking site but professional peoples are using it for professional uses. These are 255,000,000 – Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors are these in LinkedIn.
  1. Pinterest: Pinterest is a very popular social networking site in India and day by day the popularity increasing. These are 250,000,000 Unique people are visiting to this site in every month; this shows that how much the people of India like this site.
  2. Google+ or Google Plus+: Google is the most popular search engine in the world. These are millions of people using Google every day. Google+ or Google Plus+ is a famous social networking site. Very month 120,000,000 – Estimated Unique Visitors are visiting to the site.

These five social networking sites are very much popular in India and people in India very much like these sites.

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