VR and AR – Technologies Those are Changing the Way we Look at the World

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These are the latest viewing technologies and they can literally give a an experience like nothing else. Most people think that both AR and VR are the same but there are a lot of differences between them.

VR (Virtual Reality)

  • As its name it gives a virtual(not real) environment with the help of VR goggles and advance viewing programs. This can make u feel a stimulated environment using computer technology.
  • This can show a imaginary fairly tale place or a real place programmed into the technology.
  • we can move around and see every detail of the place we are visiting.
  • A lots of games have been made using this tech and they are gaining a lot of popularity because of its life like experience.

AR(Augmented Reality)

  • This is implemented by adding digital information and details  to enhance our viewing ability to see differently.
  • It is used on smart phones and tablets.
  • Pokemon Go game is a great example of it.
  • It shows us a different reality but using our phone’s camera and technology.
  • Another App called Layer that can show information about the place that we are visiting.

No matter which is better , these technologies are going to rule the gaming world. That’s for sure.