What are the top five instant messaging applications for smartphones are available right now?


Instant messaging apps have completely transformed the way we converse with each other. While SMS messaging was once the most well-liked way to stay connected, it is nowadays considered outdated. On the other hand, these messaging apps offer a range of features that allow users to interact in real time and share different types of media files.

Here is a brief look at the top 5 instant messaging applications for smartphones that are available right now.


WhatsApp is currently one of the world’s most extensively used mobile messaging apps. The app offers a range of useful features such as remarkably easy installation and setup, automatic syncing with all phone contacts as well as feature-rich and ad-free user experience. Such facts combine together to make WhatsApp an extremely popular messaging app for mobiles. The users can send photos, text, voice and even short video clips to the contacts in their WhatsApp friend list. The app also continuously adds various new features to it, like emoji and fully encrypted messaging options between the WhatsApp users. As the app requires phone functionality, it won’t function on all devices. Although once WhatsApp used to come with a subscription fee, now the fee has been waived off completely and it’s free.


Viber is a mobile messaging application for Android and iOS and it is easy to install and use the app. It offers a range of options that makes communication easier. Viber uses the user’s phone number as the login. The app also syncs with the phone to help seek all Viber-using contacts. The Viber app can be used for sending text, emoticons, stickers, photos, voice messages and video messages to all other Viber users. The services offered by Viber are all available for free. The Viber Out option allows users to call non-Viber numbers as well as landline phones worldwide in exchange for a fee. Viber has also recently introduced secured encrypted messaging features along with color-coded icon that indicates chat encryption and security. A user will need phone functionality and a SIM card to chat with Viber.

Top five instant messaging applications for smartphones
Top five instant messaging applications for smartphones


Telegram is a mobile messaging app that is particularly aimed at all security conscious users. Telegram features encrypted and fast chat messaging features, with top notch client-server encryption that comes with all standard chats. The Secure Chat mode offers end-to-end encryption to make sure that only the two users involved can read it. The messages can even be set to self-destruct. It also allows users to share documents and videos and also participate in extensive group chats consisting of 200 users.

Google Allo

Google has come up with a very user friendly messaging app that allows people to make the best of AI assistant functions that comes with traditional SMS and chat features. Google Allo is made for Android and iOS and comes with common mobile messaging features like chat, stickers, photo messaging, emoji, and also a doodle cum annotation tool for images. However, the addition that makes this app stand out from all others is Google Assistant, an AI-powered assistant that is capable of suggesting quick messaging replies and find information that is relevant to the chat conversations, like the weather report, nearby restaurants and more. The app also offers an Incognito chat mode which offers end-to-end encryption along with self-destructing messages and private notifications.


WeChat is the mobile chat application that literally dominates the Chinese web mobile market with nearly 700 million users. WeChat offers users with excellent free mobile messaging facilities, group chat, video calls and voice calls, multimedia messaging (video, images, stickers, audio, etc). WeChat also includes numerous quirky features like “People Nearby”, “Friend Radar,” and “Shake” in order to find new people quickly to chat with.

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