What Is Digital Twin Technology?

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A digital twin is not nothing but a digitally  created virtual representation of the physical counterpart.  It can be consider as the thing joining the actual and virtual reality . It kind of acts like a bridge. Digital Twin concept actually revolves around the digital representation of every industrial product. Not just the static part , the dynamic part too.

Many People didn’t know that this technology is not actually new. This is originally generated from NASA’s Tech Mirroring method. The rise of this concept is due to the subsequent rise of the Internet Of Things(IOT). Gartner  has mentions this technology among the top 10 trending over the last two years and also predicted that by 2021 more that half the industries will be using this tech.


  • Digital Twins are the imaginary counterparts of the physical products those are created as duplicates  using various sensors. These twins can be created even before the actual product is built physically.
  • It can be interpreted as the online avatar you choose while playing a online game on internet.
  •  By using smart sensors in the physical product, you can gather real-time data. That data then updates the state of the digital twin in order to give us more accurate data.

Benefits Of Twin Technology:

  • We can make changes to the digital one with any kind of changes to the physical one.
  • all the details , cost, development of different stages of the product life can be measured.
  • Simulations can be run to match our expectations .
  • Manufacturers can have a better understanding about the expenses that goes into production of a prototype.
  • One can virtually run tests on the digital twin to get feedback that will eventually help improve the product and productivity.
  • One can predict the maintenance and the breakdown of a product from the gathered data .
  • This will save a lot of time and money by optimising the manufacturing process.

Most Benefiting Fields-

  1. Space Exploration
  2. Automobile Sector
  3. OIL Fields
  4. Wind Farms
  5. GAS Turbines
  6. SMART Cities

This tech is definitely going to change the world. We can already see the growth in manufacturing area due to 3D modeling which can be considered a part of Digital twin Technology.

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