How can you Use social media if you are a startup?

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If you are able to start an company then in this century you must adopt new technology and learn to use social media very soon.If you are planning on having a online business, social media is the best tool you can use to promote your business , reach customers as well as get feedback to improve your business. Social media is literally the cheapest tool anyone can have to promote your business. With the increase in android technology and high speed internet at any place , people are spending more and more time on social media in order to kill time. So A new startup business should look forward to use that to its advantage.

Social media's importance in Startup


Why should we use social media?

  • Biggest reason is that it is totally free.
  • You can reach and target people all over the world.
  • You can do it from wherever you want.
  • You won’t feel bored because it’s the social media where people generally go to avoid boredom.
  • Time efficient- you don’t have to invest a lot of your precious time. You can use that time to improve your business.
  • Social media also helps in optimization of your website which is sort of like a icing on the top of the cake.
  • The most important reason for using social media to promote a startup is because now people are spending a considerable amount of time on them.
  • It will help you establish your brand name in a relatively short time.

What to do for a new startup?

  • Start creating pages about your business and give information about your startup.
  • Start adding your friends to those pages and groups and ask them to tell others and add them. In this way you can increase the followers . So when you post something on those platforms the posts will reach more and more people.
  • Start a blog about you business and write your experiences in the blog posts when ever you have time and share those for the readers.
  • Don’t think that writing a blog is a waste of time because with given time you can change that blog into a way of earning money by google Ad sense.
  • Share your blogs, posts at regular intervals with appropriate headings to attract viewers. Don’t post too many in one day because it will make the viewers don’t want to see your posts.
  • Make banners about your business and post them on different Social media platforms. People tend to prefer images more than text.
  • you can create videos about your startup and share on YouTube for people to see.
  • Facebook is now giving us monitoring tools to checks which of our posts reach how many number of people. We can also know what is the optimum time to post our blogs to target more ordinance.

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Now the most important Question:

Which of the Social Media platforms to Use ?

  1. Facebook– for sharing of blog posts, web pages, Banners.
  2. You Tube – For Videos about Your startup.
  3. Pin interest – Products , Services, Banners , Advertisement
  4. LinkedIn –¬† ¬†Posts about business, vacancies
  5. Twitter– Share as much as you want. Use Hatch-tags(#) and appropriate topics.
  6. Google+ – Products details
  7. Google Business– Post your web pages and blog posts on google business for people to know about your business.
  8. Instagram- trending app right now because of the increase in mobile users all over the world. You can post images of your products or services with suitable links.


Every time you share a page or a post on any social media , it creates a link to that web page. Link building is an essential process in SEO process to rank your website among the top. So the more you share , the more you gain. You need to learn Social media Optimization to make to full use of the most powerful free tool with in our hands.

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