Why Android Smartphones are Used Largely in Comparison with iOS and Windows enable Smartphones?


For past few years, there has been a continuous battle between three gigantic mobile operating systems- Android, iOS and Windows. Undoubtedly, Android is still leading in this competition, though iOS is not far behind yet Windows can change the game for certainty at anytime. We all know that in terms of sophistication and performance, iOS is way ahead than its other two competitors, but when comes to popularity why the statistics say otherwise? There are quite many factors behind this. Let us discuss them here in this article in a language which can be comprehended by one and all.

 Usability and Affordability

India has been a prime target of all kinds of industries because it has a huge market base. Talk about hospitality, retail, FMCG- all big names are in a rush to make foothold in India. This enormous customer-base is the USP of Indian market. And this is where iOS lags behind than Android. iOS is used only in iPhones which is costly. And the fact is, though India has one of the hugest smartphone markets in the world, most of its users cannot afford Apple products. There will be huge queues in front of the Apple stores every time it launches a new version of iPhone or Macbook or any of the products.

Still it cannot beat the combined market of Samsung, Lenovo, Macromax, and so on. These phones come in all price ranges, thus can be afforded by students to people from low income group. A new first hand Android smartphone can be bought for Rs 4500 and with a limited internet package it is quite affordable. On the contrary, even the oldest iPhone will cost you no less than Rs 20,000 if not more.

Android Smartphones are Largely Used  than Others
Android Smartphones are Largely Used than Others

On the other hand, mobile phone giant Nokia which almost vanished after Android came into the picture, resurfaced with Windows 10. In terms of affordability, it is within reach of most of the customers. Nokia has enjoyed a goodwill of long lasting and sturdy handsets and hardcore Nokia lover will go for these phones, no matter what operating system is installed. Most used apps in India are WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Dropbox and they are compatible with Windows 10 as well, but when it comes to receiving updates on these apps, it still lacks the speed as well as smoothness of other two operating systems.

User-friendly Interface

The interface of iOS is too sophisticated. It is so direct that it is difficult to mess up. On the contrary, Android is complicated when compared to Apple’s product. But people in India would rather prefer this complicated interface because they can handle it better. If you talk to a senior citizen who regularly uses a smartphone to stay connected with children living abroad, he would vouch for an Android phone because even if anything goes wrong with it, it can be fixed conveniently. But most of them would be too scared and cautious while using iPhones and iPad because if it is messed up, it will cost quite a fortune in fixing it. It is same with Windows phones as well. Though they don’t cost much, but they are obviously not user friendly and apps lack all the features.

That section of the society which uses Apple products would always regard Android or Windows as their poor cousin, but unfortunately, this is a very small section when you compare it to the Android market. The features are limitless in this operating system. It is affordable and easy to use. Smartphone is something we use every day in almost every chore of our life and Android fits the bill just too perfectly.

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