Why SMS Marketing is so important in online business?

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SMS Market is a personalized and effective way of direct advertisement. It gives a business owner an opportunity to reach the customers any time, anywhere through texting. SMS MARKETING has become a great method of communication because of the exponential growth in  use of smart phones in recent times. From small business to huge marketing firms all are choosing this method because of its benefits.

Advantages of SMS Marketing:

  • The probability of reading of a text message is almost more than 90% as compared to Emails which has a probability of only 20%.
  • Better way of telling your customers about new offers.
  • Customers read text messages almost immediately after receiving.
  • Cost Effective
  • Flexible Platform
  • Limitless market Potential
  • Easy to create and Maintain .
  • Time Saving because of the immediate response from customers.
  • Direct Communication are achieved.
  • You can target specific fans of specific products.
  • Can Save the templates for future use.
  • Return on Investment is great when compared with other forms of advertising.
  •  It gives user a chance to opt out . So you can build a better interested loyal customer group for the future

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