Why Your Ultimate Goal should be to become a Brand Through SEO ?

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We generally use Search engine optimization as a tool to bring more and more traffic to our website. About 5-10 yrs ago it was a very easy process. You just need to put the appropriate keywords at the right places and you got the visitors. But today it is a whole different scenario. As the market grows the amount of competition also grows. And google is always trying to provide it’s users the best experience. So it is not easy now a days to get you website on to the top just by placing keywords. You need to different for people to notice you. You need to be a BRAND to survive in this marketing world.

So what actually is a brand?

Can you remember a time when you went to buy a soft drink and asked the store personal that why is the best soft drink in your store? I bet non of you have. Whenever you go for a drink ,you say give me a sprite or a Coke or a Pepsi . You have already known what to ask before even going to the store. When you go shopping you already have some ideas which brands to buy .

Now you have realized what I am talking about right. All things we choose without thinking are basically brands. We choose google to search, apple for phones , windows for computer. Why , because we believe in them. We trust them. That’s what being a brand means . You need to make people choose you like that without hesitation. You need to be a BRAND.

Why You need to become a brand ?

World has consists of two types of web visitors. One kind searches like ” how can I order the best products online to my house” and the others search like ” Big Basket ” or “Amazon” or “Skytopper“.

Can you see the difference I am talking about. That’s the benefit of becoming a brand. Now a days people, who are looking for stuff online , will engage directly into the brand they already know about.

That’s why you need to be in that category. Your Brand value is what separates you from other search results on the SERP(search engine results page).

Sometimes you choose to order products from big brands like Amazon rather than their own website. Do you know why that is ? Because people trust the brand.

  • Build a Brand and people will google about your brand directly. The more people search about you, the quicker google will also understand that your web pages are actually helping people and it will show your page on top listings for every relevant searches.

Success depends on brand value.

How to build on the plan to become a Brand?

  • Social media is the best for brand building. The more people know about you, the more they talk about your product or services.
  • You can write blogs and articles about your products, services, experiences and post them on Social media platforms for other people to read and know about your brand.
  • You can create videos about your services and post them different social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook for people to watch. People do like to watch videos more than reading.
  • Help people understand your brand by giving them as much information as you can. Describe about your services thoroughly.
  • Show people that you care about them. You need to be doing this for helping people rather than to grow your business.
  • You should respond to the comments and try to understand what they want.
  • Try and solve their problems by giving a little bit time of yours.

You need to understand the importance of brand making because in the long run the brand is always going to win. If you can’t believe me look at Google , Apple , Facebook, Amazon and every other service that you use without even thinking twice about alternatives.